Samsonite OutLab Presents The Sled

August 2008 - Samsonite OutLab once again combines its technical know-how and flair for stylish design by introducing a unique and innovative piece of winter luggage – the Sled.

The Sled is part of Samsonit OutLab's X+Winter offer. To emphasize and reinforce this commitment to creating innovative, stylish and highly technical outdoor products, Samsonite OutLab has teamed up with Jeremy Jones, known for his legendary big mountain riding, to develop and test this line which is OutLab's most technical winter collection.

“Samsonite is well known for its travel and design expertise so working with the brand was a natural decision. I wanted to be part of creating a high quality performance range that I would actually use and know will work in the elements,” Jeremy Jones said of the partnership. Jones knows the dangers and the perils of the extreme mountain conditions and just what the explorer needs, and Samsonite OutLab has the technical knowledge and skills to fulfill that need.

The Sled is unique and innovative, the only bag in the world that will let you “sled” your luggage. Not only does this bag have self-lubricating wheels but it is made to pull and slide even on the snow and ice due to its miniature skis integrated on the back of the bag. It can be pulled around by the cord when it's in “sled mode”, and it's easy and practical to roll around even on the pavement. A net cover protects the sled skis when they are not being used and can be fixed on the exterior of the bag for extra storage. This is true versatility. On the inside, there is plenty of storage space and with internal compression straps and a large zipped mesh pocket in the lid, it optimizes easy organization. Black, and in EVA, this is a one-of-a-kind piece of luggage that will be sure to make a statement because of its unique style and functionality.