Salomon taps athlete innovation to create lightweight solution for the

A collaboration with Salomon athlete Kilian Jornet, the S-Lab Sense is the newest answer for forefoot strikers

Salomon Sports, a leader in technical design and innovation in mountain sports, is proud to announce the S-Lab Sense, a trail shoe enhancing current running styles of the world's best runners.

Recently, elite runners have made a significant shift in their training focus. While general fitness and mileage are still essential parts of training preparation, more and more endurance athletes are focusing not just on how much they run, but how they run. As distances for endurance races increase, and since the rate of injury has grown over the past decade, running styles have adjusted toward forefoot striking, reducing shoe and heel stress, but also making runner more agile.

The S-Lab Sense, a completely new concept in trail running shoes was developed in close collaboration with renowned mountain athlete Kilian Jornet. Working with engineers and designers in Salomon's Annecy, France-based research and development lab (S-Lab), Kilian has been customizing his shoes to reduce weight and gain more connection with the ground. Through this process, Salomon was able to build a shoe from the ground up that is the answer Kilian has been looking for.

S-Lab Sense establishes a new trend in performance trail running with a concept Salomon calls “Propriotection.” Propriotection is achieved through a new fit concept called Endofit. Endofit is a seamless sleeve inside the shoe's upper construction that wraps the foot to help support and provide surface feel even in longer races. In 2011, Kilian proved the viability of Endofit by wearing his S-Lab Sense shoes without socks as he won the Western States 100 and the UTMB. S-Lab Sense also provides protection, an essential component for serious trail running. The protection comes from a protective TPU film in the forefoot called a Profeel plate. The Profeel plate protects feet from sharp objects on the trail like rocks and rough surfaces, but remains flexible and weighs almost nothing.

Every other component of the S-Lab Sense was developed through collaboration with Kilian. The low, four- mm heel drop promotes forefoot striking and agility. Dynamic traction, featuring an offset lug pattern, adjusts to provide grip on both wet and dry surfaces, and Salomon's OS Tendon improves energy return between strides.

Salomon is the mountain sports company. Salomon was founded in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps. Since then, we've been creating innovative products to enhance the performance of athletes. Performance led design is our past. Performance led design is our future.