Run, Rinse, Repeat: Penguin Shoe-Wash Set to Launch in Mid-April

First technical detergent designed specifically for barefoot and minimalist shoes
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(SHARON HILL, Pa.)–Penguin Brands, Inc. today announced plans for the mid-April launch of the world's first technical detergent designed specifically for barefoot and minimalist shoes.

Penguin Shoe-Wash utilizes a proprietary, high-efficiency formula specifically designed to remove the foot odor caused by bacteria while also rinsing completely clean, a necessity for maintaining the integrity of technical fabrics and materials used in shoe construction. Unlike other detergents that may contain soapy residues which diminish or impede the functionality and breathability of barefoot and minimalist shoes, Penguin Shoe-Wash eliminates odor while also preserving the technical properties of the shoes.

“As athletes, we know that our hard-earned sweat is going to make our clothes and shoes stink,” says Penguin senior product manager and developer Nevin Arora. “Our best-selling Penguin Sport-Wash solved this issue with technical apparel, and now our new Penguin Shoe-Wash provides a safe and effective way to eliminate odor while keeping shoes performing like they should. Not only have the athletes we've tested this with thanked us for maintaining the performance of their shoes, but their families have thanked us for getting rid of that funky-feet smell!”

In addition to odor elimination, Penguin Shoe-Wash is readily biodegradable, completely removes blood and grass stains, and prevents color fading. The detergent works with high-efficiency machines, standard machines, and hand-washing. Safe to use on all machine-washable shoes. Penguin Shoe-Wash will launch at REI in mid-April, and will come in a 10 oz. bottle with a MSRP of $6.

Penguin Sport-Wash is available at sporting goods stores and specialty running stores, and comes in a 20 oz. bottle with an MSRP of $10, as well as two new sizes - a 42 oz. bottle with an MSRP of $18, and a 10 oz. bottle with an MSRP of $8.

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