POC Adds Carbon Full-Face Helmet to Spring 2018 Collection

Helmet is available to consumers starting today
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PARK CITY, Utah - April 4, 2018 

POC Helmets

Building on the launch of its SPIN and Clarity technologies for mountain bike helmets and eyewear, POC introduces its latest innovation, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN. Designed for downhill and enduro riders, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN is a lightweight, full-face helmet that incorporates POC’s patent-pending SPIN technology to reduce to effect of rotational forces. The helmet is available today at POC retailers and online at www.pocsports.com.

“Coron Air Carbon SPIN is the result of many years of working with athletes at the pinnacle of their sport to develop a full-face helmet that meets their performance and protection needs,” said Jonas Sjögren, POC CEO. “From the twenty different ventilation channels to the integrated SPIN technology, every aspect of this helmet is designed to protect riders as they pedal and play with gravity.”

The downhill certified Coron Air Carbon SPIN incorporates several safety technologies to protect riders pushing the limits of descent. POC’s patent-pending SPIN pads are integrated into the liner to minimize the effects from oblique impacts. The pads shear in any direction to reduce rotational forces. In addition, the helmet is built around an EPP multi-impact liner to ensure high level protection against repeated impacts, and features a breakaway visor to prevent head and neck injuries.

From a performance perspective, POC used the lightest materials and maximized ventilation to create a helmet that is suitable for all day use, including Enduro stages and transfers on hot days. The carbon shell ensures the Coron Air Carbon SPIN is lightweight, just 1070g, and the twenty ventilation ports and multiple internal air channels guide air through the helmet at high and low speeds.

The Coron Air Carbon SPIN will join POC’s range of full-face helmets, including the Coron Air SPIN, helmets which were unveiled in fall 2017. Coron Air Carbon SPIN, and the entire range of full-face helmets have been optimized to work with POC’s new mountain bike goggle, Ora.

About POC: POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission: to do everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. For more information about POC, please visit www.pocsports.com.


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