Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014: Day 1 1/22/13


Outdoor realator Winter Market 2014


It's good to be back for the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, UT

We've been looking forward to reconnecting with past partners and motivated to build new relationships with some amazing companies. Yesterday began our 4-day trade-show trek and after just one day we are thrilled to welcome three new companies to the North American Adventure Racing Series (NAARS) platform and build relationships with them in the upcoming years

We hope to build lasting partnerships in upcoming years- starting with stellar introductions:


 "TYPHOON polarized lenses are designed to block glare reflected from a variety of surfaces, including water,pavement, sand, and snow. Popular with fishermen and boaters, outdoor enthusiasts have also discovered the benefits of polarized lenses. Skiiers, golfers and other athletes love the clarity and unimpaired vision 

enhancement of polarized lenses. Drivers can also appreciate how these polarized sunglasses reduce glare from your car or the road. Typhoon produces a variety of polarized sunglasses in desiwith Typhoon Eyeware (by Sunbelt Optic), our Official NAARRS eyewear sponsor, supporting the series by providing nearly$10,000 worth of products for the 2014 series. Typhoon will be outfitting Tam American Adventure SportsThese polarized sunglasses look great, and feel awesome! It seems we have the start of a beautiful relationshiptime warranty."Typhoon Facebook Page

These polarized sunglasses look great, and feel awesome! It seems we have the start of a beautiful relationship with Typhoon Eyeware (by Sunbelt Optic), our Official NAARRS eyewear sponsor, supporting the series by providing nearly$10,000 worth of products for the 2014 series. Typhoon will be outfitting Team American Adventure Sports and providing 100 pieces for the series!

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From the perspective of an adventure racer, that feeling of acco

mplishment, tha

t surge of self pride and a race most wouldn't dare attempt- those emotions are hard pressed to find anything more gratifying immediately crossing the finish line…

Until roughly 30 seconds later, you find a chair 

, and get those nasty shoes off finally setting your piggy-toes free at last!!…

The North American Adventure. Racing Series is excited to add 

Xero Shoes® to our sponsorship platform for the upcoming season. They will will be providing shoes for the Team AAS Adventure Racing Series and staff alon

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th 50 pieces for the series nearly a $3500 value.


Xero Shoes® are a modern spin on the traditional barefoot running sandal — durable, stylish and affordable — and so light and low-profile it’s like you’re not wearing anything. Yet, you get a strong layer o protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended, your posture can naturally realign, and you awaken your senses and stimulate your brain as you Feel The World™. Our huaraches sandals are made with either our exclusive FeelTrue® rubber or 4mm Vibram Che

rry sole material. The FeelTrue

® outsoles are the only rubber outsole made specifically for barefoot sandals, co-developed with 2 former lead designers from Nike and Reebok. You can get either the 4mm Connect, for the closest thing to a barefoot feel, or the 6mm Contact if you want a bit more protection or a “smoother” ride. Unlike flip-flops, or even most shoes, Xero Shoes a

re made to fit YOUR foot, no matter what size you wear or what shape your foot is. Wide, narrow, curved, or straight… short toes or long toes, your Xero Shoes are made for you." (xeroshoes.com)


Last sponsor for the day was a unique company called Lifestraw. The product will provide adventure races the means to easily drink water from any source on the course!

"LifeStraw® is an award-winning personalwater filter, designed to provide safe, clean drinking water inany situation. The lightweight filter is ideal for hiking and camping, travel, emergency preparedness and survival. It makes contaminated or suspect water safe to drink.

LifeStraw is ideal for homeowners during emergencies such as local flooding which can contaminate drinking water supplies.LifeStraw is also ideal for campers and hikers who may be drinking from rivers or lakes and are unsure of the water safety.Because LifeStraw is lightweight and compact, it is also great for travelers who do not want to rely on the quality of local water.

Eartheasy is the official wholesale distributor and retail launch partner for LifeStraw, which is now available for US and Canadian customers to purchase. Since 2005, LifeStraw has been used in developing countries to assist in achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals for clean drinking water. We’re excited to help launch this useful

product in North America." (eartheasy.com/lifestraw)

Lifestraw will be providing $1,000 worth of Lifestraws for the series along with the Life StrawFamily for Prestige Race Directors aid stations a $1,200 value.


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