Outdoor Retailer Rewards Attendee for Sharing Her Adventure!

This past show, OR partnered with an outdoor tech start-up, Venturepax, to capture adventures from their community.
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It’s no secret that Outdoor Retailer attendees partake in their fair share of adventure before, during, and after the show. This past show, OR partnered with an outdoor tech start-up, Venturepax, to capture adventures from their community. From Fly Fishing the Provo to Mountain Biking Slickrock in Moab, Outdoor Retailer filled its community page with adventures shared by attendees. You can check out the ventures here!

Venturepax assembled a panel of judges including Kenji Haroutunian, Jennifer Mull, and Joachim Stroink who voted on the best-shared OR adventure. Judges broke the ventures down into three categories: Best Photos and Videos, Most Intriguing Story and Most Inspiring! Salt Lake City native, Lisa Strauss, swept the competition with her Canyoneering Das Boot & Subway Canyons in Zion National Park venture, which won her a free whitewater rafting trip down the Green River compliments of O.A.R.S. O.A.R.S.is the first exclusively oar-powered rafting company permitted to operate trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Outdoor Retailer Challenge winner, Lisa, assists with marketing for MACkite Boardsports on the side, and after being notified about winning the challenge, she enthusiastically responded with, “Woohoo!!!! I’m so stoked for the rafting trip! Thank you so much!” When asked why she joined Venturepax, Lisa responded, “I really liked the idea of having a website where I could document all my adventures in one place with the ability to interact with other users who share similar interests. It's a great way to learn about new hikes, bike trails, kiteboard spots, etc...”

Along with Outdoor Retailer and O.A.R.S., Venturepax is partnering with outdoor manufacturers, retailers, outfitters, and non-profits/groups to engage their communities to share their adventures. This winter, Venturepax will be releasing an upgrade package that allows partners to embed the Venturepax platform directly onto their website where they will be able to capture their customers’ stories, photos, videos and more. For more information or to sign up for the BETA, visit http://www.venturepax.com/partner-pages or email Venturepax at partners@venturepax.com.


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