Ortovox Introduces Swisswool Insulation For Winter Activity

Lightweight, compactable, & warm when wet, Ortovox’s new Swisswool takes the best properties of wool and improves on them. Using wool as the loft, Swisswool features lightweight insulation capabilities like down, but keeps you warm, even when wet.

Lightweight, compactable, and warm when wet, Ortovox’s new Swisswool takes the best properties of Merino wool and improves on them. Using wool as the insulation loft, Swisswool is offered in a stylish jacket and vest, which features the lighter weight and natural insulation capabilities of down, but which will keep you warm, even through downpours or unplanned dips.

Winner of a 2011 ISPO European Ski Award, Swisswool is a unique solution to multi-climate insulation. Using spun wool for greater loft, which is treated with polylactide (pressed corn oil), to keep the wool from clumping, Swisswool allows the insulation to maintain it’s loft for better overall thermoregulation, keeping you warm, even when the jacket is wet.

Micro ripstop nylon shell provides water and wind resistance, and allow M’s and W’s Vest and Jacket to work as stand alone pieces, but work equally as well as insulative layers for cold weather pursuits thanks to the body-hugging cut with stretch paneling, for fit and ventilation. Details include stowaway pocket, 2 warming pockets, with a hood and integrated mitts on jackets.


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