Ortovox Introduces Three New Packs for Spring/Summer 2012

With mountains always at the heart of their design philosophy, weight and function are two considerations Ortovox takes seriously. Ortovox is pleased to present three new models for the climber, runner, mountain biker or general adventurer.

With mountains always at the heart of their design philosophy, weight and function are two considerations Ortovox takes seriously. Ortovox is pleased to present three new models for the climber, runner, mountain biker or general adventurer.

The Lightning 25 and Thunder 35 are Ortovox’s two new packs for all around climbing exploits. Bouldering, sport climbing and alpinism were all taken into consideration when designing these 25- and 35-liter bags.

From the outside, the packs are clean, with minimal straps to get caught. The smart compartment system features removable hip belt and lid, and a central compartment, which doubles as an integrated rope bag. Access to the central compartment can be achieved through the top lid or the circumscribed zip, allowing instant and complete view into the pack. Features include waterproof pocket for valubles, mesh compartment and removable nylon rope mat.

Shaving ounces comes in various ways. Lightning and Thunder use high-test lightweight rip-stop nylon, lean, yet supportive back panels without bulky or excessive material.

Both packs feature removable hip belts, with four adjustable straps for maximum comfort and support without increasing volume or weight. Tech features round out the packs’ overall value, providing gear loops for ’biners and slings, foldaway pick loops and hydration compatibility, while the Thunder also boasts a stowable chalk bag.

For the mountain runner and/or biker in all of us, the new Momentum 12 Light will have you charging the alpine trails for hours on end. Focusing on function and low profile ergonomics, the 12-liter Momentum gives you the amount of necessary storage for day-long charging, and still allows full mobility, comfort and efficiency.

Hydration system compatibility, mesh storage pockets and two energy bar pockets make transitions and on-the-go refueling an easy task. The helmet net and ice axe lashing system are a nod to technical detail for the more ambitious running adventurers.

Links: Ortovox USA: www.ortovox.com

Ortovox USA Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ortovoxusa

Lightning 25 & Thunder 35 packs: www.ortovox.com/climbing

Momentum 12 Light pack: www.ortovox.com/alpine

Online press release: http://pitch.pe/171234

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Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, Ortovox is the world's leading brand of avalanche transceivers and safety equipment. 30+ years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables Ortovox to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world.


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