Numa Tactical Eyewear Supports Adventure Racing

Numa Tactical, makers of “Eyewear That’s as Tough as You Are,” has announced it will provide sunglasses to some of the toughest athletes in the world in 2008 – adventure racers.
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New York, NY – Numa Tactical, makers of “Eyewear That's as Tough as You Are,” has announced it will provide sunglasses to some of the toughest athletes in the world in 2008 – adventure racers.

Adventure racing combines traditional outdoor sport disciplines like trekking, mountain biking and paddling, with the added challenge of navigating an unmarked course with a map and compass.

For the 2008 adventure racing season, Numa will partner with Checkpoint Zero Adventure Racing, as well as with Primal Quest, the premiere multi-day expedition adventure race in North America.

“Experiencing the unexpected is what adventure racing is all about, and having gear that won't let you down is crucial,” said Jake Bennett, founder and CEO of Numa Tactical. “I can't think of a better group of adventure-seekers to test the toughness of our sunglasses.”

Numa Tactical combines reinforced, memory-fiber frames with distortion-free optics to create eyewear so flexible you can tie it like a pretzel. Priced between $99 and $199, Numa's sunglasses give consumers a new choice in technical sunglasses. Already standard equipment for Swiss police SWAT teams, Numa's products have been field-tested by extreme sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers and anglers and have proven nearly impossible to break.

Checkpoint Zero Adventure Racing's co-ed adventure racing team, Checkpoint Zero/GoLite, will use Numa eyewear as it competes nationwide in 2008. Checkpoint Zero will also offer Numa products as prizes at each stop in its Checkpoint Tracker National Points Series adventure races throughout the United States in 2008. The 2007 series included a dozen stops from coast to coast. Even more are planned for 2008.

Primal Quest has chosen Numa Tactical as its official eyewear sponsor for 2008. Its staff will wear Numas while scouting and setting the still-secret course, as well as during the race. Although the race location won't be announced until a month or two before the event's start, dates have been set for June 21-July 2, 2008. Previous Primal Quest expeditions have been staged in Colorado, California, Washington state and Utah. The 2008 race is expected to take place in a Rocky Mountain state.

About Checkpoint Zero, LLC

Checkpoint Zero, LLC is an adventure racing media and event management company based in Greenville, SC. The company operates the popular adventure racing website and an online event management application for adventure racing at

About the Checkpoint Tracker National Points Series

The Checkpoint Tracker National Points Series brings together the most accomplished adventure racing promoters in the United States to create a new, competitive points series unlike anything the sport has seen to date. All Series events feature comprehensive online coverage at, allowing fans to follow their favorite teams' progress from the comfort of home.

About Primal Quest

Primal Quest®, “The World's Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition,” is an environmentally friendly, ecologically aware wilderness Expedition Adventure Race®. Teams of experienced backcountry adventure athletes journey across expansive terrain using only a map, a compass and their combined skills. Co-ed teams of four are required to travel together at all times and must finish together in order to be officially ranked. Over $100,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the top finishing teams. Learn more about Primal Quest by visiting