New TrailProof™ line from Aquapac provides affordable, reliable waterproof protection


EAST NORWICH, N.Y. – Aquapac, manufacturers of 100 percent waterproof cases and bags designed specifically for outdoor pursuits, adds more depth and a greater selection to its drybag and waterproof duffel offerings with the introduction of the new TrailProof series. 


Aquapac’s TrailProof series is a collection of drybags and duffels designed to provide affordable, durable waterproof protection for hikers, paddlers, boaters and travelers. It is available now.

Made of 500D vinyl/PVC, the new members of the TrailProof series are four drybags (in 7,15,25 and 70-liter sizes) and three duffels (in 40, 70 and 90-liter sizes). The duffels range in price from $65 to $90.

Aquapac created a buzz in the outdoor industry last year with the introduction of its extremely lightweight yet rugged Upano duffel bags. Quickly established as a customer and media favorite, the Upano duffels use 420D PU-coated nylon to keep all your essentials safe, dry and organized while in the harshest of environments, in doors or out.

Using different materials than the premium Upanos, the TrailProof series still delivers tough, uncompromising protection with a simple design and lower price point.

“The Upano duffels are the pinnacle of our drybag and duffel line, I dare say they’re among the best in the outdoor industry,” said Aquapac CEO Tim Turnbull. “Our TrailProof series piggybacks on the innovation and smart design from our top-of-the line products.”

ABOUT AQUAPAC:  Aquapac is a London-based company, with U.S. headquarters in East Norwich, N.Y. It produces 100% waterproof cases, bags and duffels that provide guaranteed protections for personal electronics, photography equipment, maps, documents and other essential items. Aquapac started in 1983 by windsurfers needing to waterproof their Sony Walkmans while on the water. Media contact is See