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Aquapac raises curtain on new logo as part of rebranding effort

London-based manufacturer of 100% waterproof cases rolls out new logo, slogan and product line as part of rebranding effort.

Aquapac, manufacturers of 100% waterproof cases, shows off its new logo today – one small part in a more comprehensive rebranding initiative being undertaken by the London-based company.

The logo, an aqua blue “A” pierced on the left by a white water droplet, is accompanied by the new tag line “Immerse Yourself ™.”

Tim Turnbull, CEO of Aquapac, said the logo and slogan help position the brand as an active, vibrant company that makes products designed specifically for passionate outdoor enthusiasts who dovetail their work and play with their pursuits.

While the logo is unveiled now, it portends bigger things coming from the company. Early in 2011, Aquapac will roll out a revamped product range that includes the all-new Stormproof Line of protective cases for cameras and electronics.

“We’re about to enter a new, electric era of Aquapac,” said Turnbull. “Not to overhype this, but the new logo is part of this new positive energy we have surrounding us as we move forward.”

The new logo will be featured prominently on Aquapac packaging and on products from drybags and backpacks to protective cases for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Flip Video cameras and digital point-and-shoot cameras. All Aquapac cases are PVC-free.

Look for the new product line on U.S. store shelves by Jan. 1, including retailers like L.L Bean, REI, Eastern Mountain Sports and hundreds of brick-and-mortar outdoor, sport, surf and electronic shops.

ABOUT AQUAPAC: Aquapac is a London-based company, with U.S. headquarters in Oyster Bay, N.Y. It produces 100% waterproof, 100% use-through cases that create a virtual second skin for personal electronics, photography equipment, maps, documents and other essential items. Aquapac started in 1983 by windsurfers needing to waterproof their Sony Walkmans while on the water.

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