Aquapac waterproofs expedition of Bornean rainforest

Scientific, educational exploration of Borneo will be waterproof and dry thanks to Aquapac products

LONDON (For immediate release) A team of young, dynamic explores will embark in July on a 12-week journey to one of the final frontiers of the natural world – the Joloi/Kapuas watershed, deep in the mountainous interior of the Bornean rainforest. And they’ll be heading into the rainforest equipped with Aquapac waterproof cases and drybags that are expected to be crucial in keeping gear and supplies dry.

Aquapac has signed on to be the official supplier of soft waterproof cases and drybags for FX-PEDITION 2010, a conservation expedition comprised of a mix of explorers, scientists, filmmakers and engineers from the UK, Indonesia, and Holland. Aquapac will equip the entire team with cases and drybags that will be used to carry everything from first-aid equipment and maps to electronic scientific devices.

“This is an exciting expedition centered around conserving a critical area of rich biodiversity,” said Tim Turnbull, CEO of Aquapac. “We’re proud of this sponsorship. We’ll be helping the team meet some rather noble goals that serve both a environmental and scientific purpose.”

Aquapac is contributing about 80 drybags – which include a backpack and a selection of lightweight 15 and 25-liter bags. Also as part of the sponsorship, Aquapac will provide smaller waterproof cases that are lightweight and submersible. Some of those cases will protect the team’s electronic devices that will be used to share the journey with people around the world by uploading videos, photos, blogs and podcasts every week.

Aquapac is a London-based company, with U.S. headquarters in Oyster Bay, N.Y. It produces 100% waterproof, 100% use-through cases that create a virtual second skin for personal electronics, photography equipment, maps, documents and other essential items.

ABOUT FXP2010: A large multidisciplinary expedition heading deep into the unexplored mountains of Borneo’s rainforest interior for 12 weeks beginning in July, the FX-PEDITION is designed to combine exploration, research, professional development and education by sending an international team of explorers, scientists, engineers and filmmakers into one of the final frontiers of the natural world. The Joloi River is close to the Muller/Schwarner Mountain range and a remote village deep in the heart of Borneo, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. 

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