Aquapac’s Facebook store looks “beyond the wall”

Social media platform engages customers and gives top company officials insight on sales and product development

LONDON – Aquapac, makers of 100 percent waterproof cases, is among the leading outdoor brands using the social networking site Facebook as a way of quickly and directly engaging customers to better understand their needs.

As part of a major rebranding exercise started in summer 20101, Aquapac pushed its Facebook presence to the fore of its marketing strategy and taken the unusual step of having its CEO and Creative Director manning the page and responding to all customer queries.

“By bypassing any middle-men from customer contact generated on Facebook we can put ideas and solutions into practice immediately,” says Tim Turnbull, Aquapac’s CEO. “We have always had a tradition of using senior staff at retail shows to engage our users, but Facebook is an international, cross-discipline platform where our understanding of customers and the way they use our products is being increased day in, day out”

Aquapac has recently added a “click-out” retail option to its Facebook page that gives international customers the option to see recommended products for their outdoor activities – whether that’s paddling, hiking or a vacation at the beach. By monitoring the popularity of each activity’s page Aquapac gains insight into the potential and popularity of each market.

By using a “click-out” e-commerce solution, where customers are taken away from Facebook, Aquapac is addressing some of the security and privacy concerns that have surrounded Facebook purchases and seamlessly integrated it with the existing Aquapac website.

 Not only is Facebook giving Aquapac more informed customers, the feedback gleaned from the popular site is helping Aquapac gain insight into possible avenues of expansion.

“Last week we fielded a question from a customer in the U.S. on how best to use our iPod case when swimming. We were able to tell her exactly what other customers had told us worked best, which is something you wouldn’t be able to do unless you were part of a social network,” said Andy MacAuley, Aquapac’s Creative Director. “Additionally, by monitoring which specific electronic products people are mentioning on our page, we’re able to react immediately to any trends or opportunities of new products.”

Aquapac’s number of customer interactions on Facebook has doubled in the last month, since integrating the new strategy.