New MSR® Fast & Light® Shelters Introduced

Cascade Designs, Inc. announced the 2009 release of new full-featured, lightweight backcountry shelters under the MSR brand. With the latest ultralight materials and designs, the shelters offer the most impressive space-to-weight ratios available.

Shelters deliver ultimate ratio of weight to full-featured livability

OutDoor Fair, FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY – Cascade Designs, Inc., the Seattle-based industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier outdoor equipment, today announced the 2009 release of new full-featured, lightweight backcountry shelters under the MSR brand. With the latest ultralight materials and designs, the new Fast & Light shelters offer the most impressive space-to-weight ratios available. The line expansion also includes emergency and minimalist shelters for light, compact, easy-to-carry back-up protection for day hikes and trips away from base camp.

The new MSR Carbon Reflex 2â„¢ tent challenges the convention that ultralight shelters require compromise. Boasting full-featured, three-season livability for two at just under three pounds, the Carbon Reflex 2 tent is the lightest two-person double-wall tent ever released under the MSR brand. The roomy, hyper-light tent combines carbon fiber poles, efficient design and an easy two-pole set up to match the impressive interior volume of the renowned MSR Hubba Hubbaâ„¢ tent at a fraction of the weight. Two vestibules and a large Stay-Dryâ„¢ entrance provide ample gear storage, while the ultralight fly offers solid protection and mesh tent body provides excellent ventilation. The Carbon Reflex tent is also available in a solo version, offering full-featured, double-wall livability for one at only 2 pounds, 4 ounces. Both tents can be set up with just fly and footprint for the ultimate compact, lightweight shelter.

“The ideal tent is lightweight with lots of interior room, something we call ‘livable volume',” said Chris Parkhurst, MSR Brand Manager. “At the end of a long day in the backcountry, you want a tent that sets up quick and provides a roomy space that can shelter you from the elements. We continue to push the bar higher to achieve just that, while maintaining the lightest weight possible.”

Also new to the line for 2009 are ultralight and ultra-roomy MSR Skinny One™ and MSR Skinny Too™ tents and the MSR Zing™ tarp. The affordable Skinny One and Skinny Too tents are perfect for extended trips and feature a single-wall design that provides dependable weatherproof protection, a spacious interior with large front vestibule and an end-to-end overhead mesh vent and mesh window at the foot to provide outstanding flow-through ventilation. The impressively lightweight Zing tarp offers 200 square feet of spacious coverage at only 5 pounds, 10 ounces—providing shelter for 6-12 people. The inverted wing design of the Zing tarp pitches taut in high winds, increasing stability and decreasing noise.

Rounding out the new MSR Fast & Light offerings for 2009 is the addition of the new MSR Mutha Hubba HPâ„¢ tent, the 3-person premier version of the popular MSR Mutha Hubba tent. The Mutha Hubba HP tent offers added protection and more features than the Mutha Hubba tent at even less weight. The new MSR E-Houseâ„¢ shelter and MSR E-Bivyâ„¢ shelter are lightweight emergency shelters that provide affordable, back-up protection in an ultra-compact package. The E-House shelter offers full-coverage, single-wall protection with a skirted base and a zippered entrance that pitches with trekking poles, providing complete protection for two, or emergency shelter for up to four people. The ultra-light, 7-ounce E-Bivy shelter is a simple, extremely functional emergency bivy that is more durable and reliable than space blankets at slowing heat loss and staying dry.

The new MSR Fast & Light shelters are:

MSR Carbon Reflex 1 – The lightest MSR double-wall tent, with carbon fiber poles and an efficient two-pole non-freestanding design that provides ample room for living with exceptional features and a quick, easy setup for only 2 pounds, 4 ounces.

MSR Carbon Reflex 2 – The lightest MSR two-person double-wall tent, with full-featured room for two at the weight of many one-person tents. The sub 3-pound non-freestanding tent features ultralight carbon fiber poles in an efficient two-pole design that offers maximum interior space, a spacious front vestibule, zippered rear window access to a rear vestibule, and quick, easy setup.

MSR Mutha Hubba HP – The lightest MSR 3-person backpacking tent, the streamlined HP version of the original Mutha Hubba provides added protection and warmth with even less weight.

MSR Skinny One – An affordable, ultralight and ultra-roomy single-wall shelter with superior ventilation that's perfect for extended solo trips. Hooped ends with Fast Clip set-up allow fast, easy set up and create a spacious front vestibule for gear storage.

MSR Skinny Too – The affordable, lightweight single-wall shelter offers copious amounts of space for two and a front vestibule for gear storage. The overhead mesh vent travels the length of the tent and the mesh window at the foot provides optimal flow-through ventilation—even in bad weather.

MSR Zing – Engineered with the latest, ultralight silicone-treated nylon, the roomy tarp shelter is light and small enough to be carried anywhere. Provides 200 square feet of coverage for 6-12 people.

MSR E-House – The full-coverage, single-wall shelter features fully-taped seams, a skirted base and zippered entrance to keep out the elements and provide complete coverage for two or emergency shelter for up to four people. Includes zippered vent and pitches with trekking poles, making it functional enough for planned or emergency use.

MSR E-Bivy – The ultralight, compact bivy offers easy-to-carry, backup protection in a 7-ounce package. Made with coated and taped Sil Nylon, the bivy is more durable and more reliable than space blankets at slowing heat loss and keeping dry. The shelter comes factory-packed in a soda-can-sized stuff sack that, once used, converts to a larger sack for easy repacking.

The new Fast & Light shelters will be available in January 2009.

About the MSR® (Mountain Safety Research) Brand

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