MSR® Boosts Versatility of World’s Fastest Backpacking Stove System

MSR expands line of Reactor® systems and accessories, adding versatility to the record-breaking speed and all-condition performance of the original Reactor system.

SEATTLE, WA— Since its release in 2007, the Reactor stove system has widely been recognized as the only choice for serious backcountry travelers that demand top-notch performance and reliability in real-world conditions.

In 2013, MSR expands its line of Reactor® systems and accessories, adding even greater versatility to the record-breaking speed and all-condition performance of the original Reactor system.

“Since the Reactor system's debut, committed users worldwide have benefited from its unique engineering that makes it unbeatable in real-world conditions,” said Drew Keegan, director of MSR stoves and cookware. “They've learned from experience that, in the conditions when they rely on their stoves the most, they can count on this stove to pull through.”

The Reactor system's patent-pending design shields the burner from the effects of wind that cause other stoves to slow or fail altogether. Combined with precision pressure regulation for superior high-altitude and cold weather performance, only the Reactor system delivers in the field, what it promises on the box.

In the lab, the Reactor system boils one liter of water 20 percent faster than its nearest competitor. Get outside where there's an 8 mph breeze, and it's twice as fast. In 12 mph winds, the Reactor system still soars, boiling a half liter of water in 1 minute, 45 seconds, while the competition simply cannot boil at all. The result is not just a faster meal, but also lighter pack, as the Reactor system demands far less fuel in all outdoor situations.

Now available in three sizes, the Reactor Stove System line allows customers to select a system that best fits their specific needs. In addition, all pot sizes are now available individually, providing the versatility to adapt any system to a broader range of situations.

The 2013 Reactor Stove System collection includes:

- Reactor® 1.0 L Stove System
- Reactor® 1.7 L Stove System
- Reactor® 2.5 L Stove System
- Reactor® 1.0 L Pot
- Reactor® 1.7 L Pot
- Reactor® 2.5 L Pot
- Reactor® Coffee Press Kits
- Reactor® Hanging Kit

The new collection will debut in August at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. They will be available at retail stores in January 2013.

About MSR® (Mountain Safety Research®)
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