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Moon Fabrications Announces Product Updates to the Acclaimed MoonShade Portable Awning

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San Francisco, CA. (October 15, 2020) — Moon Fabrications, makers of products with good design and simple utility, is excited to announce several product updates to their debut product, the MoonShade. These updates will improve the overall functioning and versatility of the product, granting users even greater ease of use, and more benefits than the original Shade.

From backyards to roadtrips, the MoonShade is a simple portable awning that makes getting outdoors easier and staying outdoors more comfortable. It is durable, lightweight, packable, easy to set up, and it attaches to virtually anything.


The MoonShade now features a UV-resistant polyurethane thread to improve water resistance, and updated poles with rubber footing along with ballistic nylon-reinforced pole pockets for extra durability. The MoonShade also now includes retention clips on the upright poles to prevent them from detaching, creating greater stability in windy and harsh conditions. Updated mounting hardware provides even more versatility, allowing the MoonShade to be set up on virtually anything.

The MoonShade accommodates almost any outdoor lifestyle or adventure, from camping to ball games to picnics and more. Heavy-duty suction cups make assembly a breeze on almost any vehicle, and fixed mounting points allow for secure, easy setup on trees, fences, door frames and porch railings. Additional mounting options including adhesive anchors and magnets are also available for purchase. During the day, MoonShade ensures maximum sun protection thanks to a resilient reflective coating. At night, the same coating reflects the glow of any LED lantern evenly illuminating the area below.

MoonShade weighs a mere 8 pounds and packs down to the size of a yoga mat. With a functional footprint of 9’x7’, it provides a generous shade zone, yet packs down small enough for simple and easy storage. Built to last, MoonShade’s patent-pending design features a durable ripstop polyester made from recycled 420-denier yarn, and 13mm all- aluminum poles for a sturdy and reliable structure. MSRP: $325

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About Moon Fabrications, Inc.:

Moon Fabrications was born with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone. Founded in San Francisco in 2018 by Matthew Pearson and Henry Proegler, MoonFab is committed to creating designs that are simple, elegant, and versatile. By simplifying the “stuff” we bring outdoors, we create space for what is actually important: genuine experiences and authentic connection with others, ourselves, and nature. Our thoughtfully-designed products enable you to spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the outdoor experiences you love most. Follow us @moon_fabrications.