KneeBinding Recieves More Critical Acclaim


POWDER Magazines 2012 Fantasy Draft returns in the September issue and the KneeBinding KB12C has received the coveted “Skiers Choice” award. POWDER Magazine works with leading manufacturers to provide its readers with information on the best products for hardcore, passionate skiers.
“After skiing the binding on rock-hard and variable snow on a stiff carving ski, I can say that as far as ski function goes, the thing is legit. There is no slop in the system, and it feels like a true performance binding underfoot. Even with a relatively low DIN setting, hard snow, and flat light…I had no pre-releases, boot movement, or any other undesirable sensations. It makes sense to try to protect yourself against the heartbreak of knee surgery, and the boot-to-ski connection feels as good as any alpine binding made,” said POWDER tester Hans Ludwig.

Also In Peaks Magazine 2012 Gear Guide, KneeBinding received an “Epic Choice” selection from the magazines editors where they proclaim, “Protect your knees!”

KneeBinding has also been selected as “Gear Of The Year” by SKI Magazine.

KneeBinding is the only binding with technology proven to mitigate knee injuries. PureLateralâ„¢ is a third release mechanism in the heel that can detect the forces that cause most knee injuries and can release directly sideways before an ACL injury can occur. Every KneeBinding also provides unique features that improve on snow ski behavior and reduce pre-releases. For more information and to see informative videos go to


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