Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) Programs Receive Additional 2013 Support from THE NORTH FACE

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LOS ANGELES, CA January 15, 2014Medicines Global announces a December 2013 contribution from The North Face. The contribution will help support three 2014 spring programs: Learn to Surf Day, Learn to Kayak Day & Learn to Stand Up Paddle Day offered by MGOYA. The mission at Medicines Global with the Outdoor Youth Ambassador programs is in direct alignment with the goals and mission for The North Face (TNF) youth “Explore Fund” goals.


“I am pleased to announce a December 2013 contribution that will help provide three wilderness experiences in 2014 for Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors. This contribution honors the innovative programs getting youth moving and into the wilderness in collaboration with the LA Unified School District and the Los Angeles Police Department. MGOYA programs were among the first recipients of The North Face Explore Fund grants in 2010 making possible four National Park field trips to Joshua Tree, Sequoia and Channel Islands National Parks.” ~ Ann Krcik, Director, Brand Communications & Outdoor Exploration - The North Face

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Planet Explore Grant ~ Climb Smart 201316 MGOYAs learn basic climbing skills with Kenji Haroutunian & Tim RichardsFriends of Joshua Tree

About Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) Programs - MGOYA has collaborated with the Los Angeles Police Department with ‘GET kids MOVING’ programs. MGOYA’s local law enforcement collaboration will serve as a prototype for other programs, throughout the city, as a model for police, sheriff, firemen and the like, working with local community schools to get youth involved in the outdoors. Since 2004, MGOYA has provided more than 900 Los Angeles students with wilderness experiences.

“It is not everyday when a program like Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors comes along. In fact it is very, very rare for our students to be given opportunities like this. We are so fortunate to have Johanna and Janice Belson and Medicines Global working with San Pedro High School. It is life changing for our students to have a chance to get out of the city and touch our mountains and oceans. I know each and every Outdoor Youth Ambassador will never forget the experiences that Medicines Global is providing.” ~ Sandy Martin-Alvarenga, San Pedro High School Magnet Coordinator, Math & Marine Science/Technology Magnet - Police Academy Magnet

MGOYA has been able to advance programs exponentially with the support of matching funds and in kind support from: The North Face, GoPro, RedWing/VASQUE, adidas OUTDOOR, GoPro, Red Wing/VASQUE, Adventure 16, Trader Joe’s, AVON RENT-A-CAR-TRUCK-VAN, Atmosphere Alt, Warner Music Group, Whole Foods Market, LEKI USA, Big Agnes, HORNY TOAD, Eagle Creek, ACORN Shoes, erewhon Natural Foods Market, LAPD and generous anonymous donors.

Grants like the recent Adventure 16/Outdoor Nation, TNF Planet Explore Fund & future corporate giving will allow our programs to continue.

About Medicines Global - Medicines Global took its first expedition to Nepal in 1999. Since 1999, 17 expeditions have taken medical supplies to Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, Tibet, Laos, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Ecuador, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and El Salvador. In 2005 MG enabled supplies to be delivered to hurricane-ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina.

Medicines Global is the parent organization for the Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador program (MGOYA). Created in 2004, MGOYA works domestically creating opportunities to ‘Get kids Moving’. MGOYA ‘Get kids Moving’ outdoor adventures include: hiking, climbing, camping, sea kayaking, surfing and stand up paddle boarding. All programs have a strong creative component, focusing on photography and video as a means of self-expression. MGOYA offers trips to photo museums, screenings of documentaries and runs photo contests to encourage the outdoor youth ambassadors to creatively share their experiences and knowledge gained in the wilds. Winners of the photo contests have traveled on Medicines Global humanitarian adventures to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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