MGOYA- Announces the Contest Winners for the ‘GREEN ~ in the urban landscape’

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MGOYA- Announces the Contest Winners for the

‘GREEN ~ in the urban landscape’

sponsored by GoPro® / Red Wing-VASQUE / adidas OUTDOOR Samy’s Camera / Erewhon Natural Food

Los Angeles, CA August 23, 2013 Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors (MGOYA) announce the San Pedro High School winners of the MGOYA ‘GREEN ~ in the urban landscape photo’ contest. Sponsored by GoPro® / Red Wing-VASQUE / adidas OUTDOOR, Samy’s Camera / Erewhon Natural Food.

The three winning MG Outdoor Youth Ambassadors are: Cassidy Feltenberger, Cheyenne Newallis, Colleen Smith. Each winner will be receiving a GoPro® camera, a pair of VASQUE hiking shoes, LEKI walking poles & an adidas OUTDOOR jacket. Leaders and professionals in both the photo world and the outdoor industry judged the photographs. Medicines Global would like to thank all of the judges and the students from San Pedro High School of the Los Angeles Unified School District who participated in the photo contest.

“I am looking forward to following in the footsteps of our former CEO, Bill Sweasy, by continuing to support the innovative MG Outdoor Youth Ambassador programs such as the ‘GREEN~in the urban landscape’ photo contest.” George Curleigh, Vice President, Red Wing/VASQUE

Colleen lr 0012

Pictured above winner: Colleen Smith

Outdoor Youth Ambassadors learn about the art of photography and the importance of photographing nature. With the guidance of xRez, the Youth Ambassadors have been motivated to share through photography their outdoor experiences with a wide group of their peers. Spreading the sense of awe found when urban youth get to experience the great outdoors. 

“This past year, I heard about the Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador programs. With them I was able to get hands on experience in nature. I desire to climb mountains and gain the knowledge needed to become an active member of the outdoors. I want to inspire more people to go out and see the world. I want to be able to say I’ve done something positive for our planet.” Colleen Smith, Class 2013, San Pedro High School, Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador.

With the opening of another academic year ‘Green-in the urban landscape’ photo contest ‘02 will get under way early this fall. The ‘Green-in the urban landscape’ photo contest encourages student to capture images of nature within the urban landscape.

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About Medicines Global & Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassadors

Medicines Global (501c3) is dedicated to inspire all adventure travelers to give back to the places they visit by delivering basic first aid supplies to medical centers and remote community run health posts. Medicines Global works with the outdoor and sports-affiliated industries, natural food companies and medical relief agencies to create innovative ways to deliver critical first aid supplies via individual adventure travelers. Since it’s founding, the program has, through the hands of adventure travelers, delivered over 9 million dollars in basic first aid and Rx supplies to over 14 countries.

Medicines Global’s took its first expedition to Nepal in 1999. Since 1999, 17 expeditions have taken medical supplies to Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, Tibet, Laos, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Ecuador, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and El Salvador. In 2005 MG enabled supplies to be delivered to hurricane-ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina.

Medicines Global is the parent organization for the Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador program (MGOYA). Created in 2004, MGOYA works domestically creating opportunities to ‘Get kids Moving’. MGOYA ‘Get kids Moving’ Outdoor adventures include hiking, climbing, camping, sea kayaking, surfing and stand up paddle boarding. All programs have a strong creative component, focusing on photography and video as a means of self-expression. MGOYA offers trips to photo museums, screenings of documentaries and runs photo contests to encourage the outdoor youth ambassadors to creatively share their experiences and knowledge gained in the wilds. Winners of the photo contests have traveled on Medicines Global humanitarian adventures to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Guatemala and El Salvador.