Masterfit to Debut Footwear Fitter e-Training Program at OR Show

Outdoor and athletic footwear retailers and manufacturers struggling with how to efficiently train sales staff in the complex science and art of fitting shoes should head to the Masterfit Enterprises booth at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

Outdoor and athletic footwear retailers and manufacturers struggling with how to efficiently train sales staff in the complex science and art of fitting shoes should head to the Masterfit Enterprises booth at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (32194, behind Keen) and take a look at the company's innovative Footwear Fitter e-Training program.

A long-time leader in providing boot fit education to the snowsports industry through its touring Masterfit University Fit Training Centers, the company is bringing its expertise in fit education to the outdoor and athletic shoe communities with this first-of-its-kind, web-based, distance learning program.

“Since Phil Oren stopped touring with his Fit Systems course, we've had numerous requests from the outdoor industry to step into the breach,” said Masterfit CEO Steve Cohen. “We've done some private training but the economics and logistics of touring and traveling around the country are daunting. E-learning courses pioneered in other fields by global innovators like Kahn Academy and Udacity have proven that e-learning is not only highly effective in building skills and knowledge, but also cost effective. We've taken our company's extensive institutional knowledge about footwear and fitting techniques and created a modern, efficient digital training tool.”
The program provides 8 hours of multi-media training and testing and consists of nine modules with multiple sessions that are designed to build essential sales and fitting skills including:
• Initial customer interaction and information gathering
• Basic anatomy and biomechanics
• Customer foot assessment techniques
• Brannock device use
• Shoe construction and technology
• Matching shoe to foot type
• Assessing gait
• Insole and sock sales techniques
• Try-on tactics that close sales
• Basic shoe modification techniques to improve fit
Each session concludes with a challenge exam that tests how well the individual has absorbed the knowledge. The technology gives us incredible flexibility,” says Cohen. “We can custom-tailor content and approach to meet individual retailer or manufacturer needs and market segments like trail running, hiking or backpacking. We can also custom-brand the program content.”

Masterfit will be showing a highlight reel of the Footwear Fitter e-training program throughout Outdoor Retailer Summer Market on a monitor at its booth. The company is also scheduling appointments for those interested in taking a more in-depth look at the program. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Steve Cohen at or (914) 944-9038 prior to August 1. At the show, call (914) 588-6953.

Users can access training sessions and exams 24/7 from any Internet connection. Students can study, review and take exams from home, store or anywhere they have Internet connectivity. Users can also print out study materials for use away from the computer (exams will be available on-line only and in a time limited environment to ensure testing validity).

Users learn at their own pace. Students create individual password protected accounts. The modular, sequential program provides building blocks that enable students to progress at their own pace. Each screen is randomly accessible for review at any time.

Quantifiable results. Managers know which staffers are progressing and at what rate. Each learning session is comprised of multiple instruction screens followed by an exam. Students are able to progress to the next session only when they have received a satisfactory passing grade on the prior section's exam. Test scores are available individually to the student and collectively to management.

Tangible demonstration of achievement. Upon the satisfactory completion of the program the student can print a personalized certificate of achievement suitable for framing at the store. A “wall of accomplishment” conveys an atmosphere of expertise to customers and is a great way to build spirited, team competition among staff as they contend for milestone markers in the program. It also provides management with the ability to reward fast and high achievers.

Media Contact: Eric Henderson | | Denny, inK.


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