Kokatat Supports the Vada Expedition in Russia and Mongolia

Adventurers will launch their canoes to embark on a 2,000 km expedition through ancient waters in both Mongolia and Russia. Kokatat, the 39 year-old independent paddle wear and accessories company, will sponsor the Vada Expedition.

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MJ Carroll

ARCATA, Calif., (June 3, 2010) – As soon as the first signs of spring melt the ice in Northwest Mongolia on Lake Hovsgol, four adventurers will launch their canoes to embark on a 2,000 km expedition through ancient waters in both Mongolia and Russia. Kokatat, the 39 year-old independent paddle wear and accessories company, is honored to sponsor the Vada Expedition.

The Vada Expedition team is comprised of four friends, including a brother and sister, Sarah and Eric McNair Landry, along with Elsa Fortin-Pomerleau and Ulysses Bergeron. All team members are accomplished paddlers and adventurers. Sarah was the youngest person to ever to ski to the South Pole, accompanied by her brother Eric, age 20 at the time. All members are proud to represent Canada, as they are an all-Canadian and bilingual team.

Besides enduring an epic adventure across a wide-variety of rivers and lakes, including Lake Baikal, Earth's deepest lake containing nearly 20% of all of the worlds unfrozen fresh water, the crew is planning to produce a documentary film featuring the theme of water, the historical importance of these waterways, the ecosystems they support, and the cultures built around them. Depending upon the spring melting conditions, the crew plans to depart in late June.

“We are setting off to spend three month paddling through these two amazing countries, to share our experiences with others via blogs, pictures and videos,” said Sarah. “But, most importantly it's about having fun in such an awesome environment.”

Kokatat will provide each Vada Expedition Members with the following apparel:
•Tempest Jackets
•Deluxe Boater Pants
•Ronin Life Jackets

For more information about the expedition and to follow their videos, blog and photo updates, which will be sent from their tents, using solar panels and satellite phones please visit: expeditionvada.com.

About Kokatat Watersports Wear
For the past 39 years, Kokatat has built a reputation as a friendly company of paddling enthusiasts, dedicated to creating innovative paddlewear and accessories. Kokatat is a highly trusted brand known for its independence, high level of quality in addition to an extremely well respected, service-driven business model. Kokatat is an incredibly strong brand and is known for authenticity and launching game changing paddling products. Please visit www.kokatat.com and follow Kokatat on Twitter “@kokatat”.


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