Kokatat Supports Solo Australia Circumnavigation

Sea Kayaker Stuart Trueman allows 16 months to complete mission

ARCATA, Calif., (Nov.3,2010) – In 1983 Paul Caffyn made paddling history as the first sea kayaker to circumnavigate the 16,000 km circumference of the Australia continent. Since then, only one other expedition, by Freya Hoffmeister in 2010, has repeated this accomplishment. Kokatat, the 39 year-old independent paddlewear company, is proud to sponsor sea kayaker, Stuart Trueman and his 16-month goal to successfully circumnavigate Australia.

The coast of Australia presents many formidable obstacles for sea kayakers to overcome including: jagged sets of steep cliffs, surf, lack of potable water, high winds, invariable tides, and underwater wildlife predators such as crocodiles and sharks. Additionally the colossal paddling distances require extreme endurance and paddling skill excellence.

Trueman departed from Broome, located on the Northwest coast of Australia, in April 2010 and is scheduled to return to Broome in July 2011.

“It's taken three years of preparation to be able to get to Broome to start my trip”, says Trueman. “There are many problems beyond the actual paddling side that have to be addressed which if ignored can be just as much of an obstacle as a 200km set of cliffs.”

Kokatat has outfitted Truman with the appropriate gear for multiple conditions including: GORE-TEX® Paclite Anorak, MsFIT Tour PFD, Rear Pocket for PFD, Surfskin Pants, Destination Paddling Shirt, Destination Surf Trunk and Destination Vent Cap.

To follow updates from Trueman's expedition and learn about other Kokatat sponsored expeditions, please visit Kokatat's Blog.

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