DMOS Collective Launches The Ultimate Terrain-Building Snow Shovel: Kicker Tool™


Jackson, WY (October 22, 2015)DMOS Collective, manufacturers of portable terrain jump tools, announces the Kicker Tool™, the ultimate terrain-building tool for skiers and snowboarders looking to get creative, go big and have fun. Tested by pro athletes such as Travis Rice and Tim Durtschi, DMOS was born to satisfy the need for pro-quality, purpose-built and durable tools to build better jumps.


The Kicker Tool™ is a lightweight and completely packable shovel designed with backcountry booters and urban jibs in mind. Built to last with aircraft quality aluminum alloy and featuring a shovelhead that efficiently moves, packs and rakes large amounts of snow, the Kicker Tool™ makes building and sculpting the perfect jump easy. Featuring 56 inches of leverage for quick powerful shoveling and a serrated edge to level unwanted bumps and break up crud allowing users to create a flawless takeoff. At a mere 3.3 pounds, it doesn’t weigh much more than a full water bottle and converts into a packable unit that fits into any ski or snowboard backpack.

DMOS STEALTH Shovel-FRONT Angled-cropped

“The tools needed to build snow-based jumps have not kept up with the modern progression of snowboarding and freeskiing,” said Susan Pieper, founder of DMOS. “DMOS is all about giving people the tools they need for the sports they love.”

Please help support DMOS through their Kickstarter campaign. Your support will help fund production and continue research and development to make even more tools tailored to the needs of skiers and snowboarders everywhere.

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About DMOS

DMOS Collective, Inc. is a Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based company that is passionate about creating pro-quality, portable terrain jump tools. DMOS delivers shovels in a format for how skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers use them: portable, lightweight, rugged, durable, and with special features for sculpting snow and dirt. They love what they do and believe in the power of creative expression of jump building in snow or dirt to connect people to nature.