Joe Puryear Scholarship Established by Sherpa Adventure Gear

The memory and friendship of alpinist Joe Puryear is honored through Sherpa Adventure Gear's full scholarship of a Sherpa child's education.

Joe Puryear Scholarship Established by Sherpa Adventure Gear

Scholarship honors the fallen alpinist and gives a full education to one Sherpa child

October 25, 2011—(Renton, WA and Kathmandu, Nepal) Sherpa Adventure Gear is pleased to announce that a young student has been chosen and is now receiving a full primary and secondary school education through a scholarship honoring the company’s memory and friendship of alpinist Joe Puryear.Puryear, a highly accomplished climber from Leavenworth, Washington, died one year ago on October 27, 2010 while attempting the ascent of Labuche Kang, a remote 8,000-meter peak in Tibet.

The deserving student—a 7-year old Sherpa girl from Namche Bazaar—has started school at Rato Bangala School in Lalitpur, Nepal.She will be fully sponsored for tuition and board by Sherpa Adventure Gear from her elementary years through high school graduation. Rato Bangala is known for its academic excellence and commitment to cultivating students to be critical thinkers with an in-depth understanding of Nepal and its potential for the future.

The student was selected from a pool of 30 children in Namche Bazaar, the gateway to Everest.Children in this village typically attend school only until they are old enough to work to support their family.

"This scholarship honors our memory of Joe, his faithful friendship and support, and his love of the Himalayas and the Sherpa people," said Tashi Sherpa, founder of Sherpa Adventure Gear. "Education is cherished but not accessible to many in Nepal. We believe it would have been Joe’s wish to help ensure the bright future and education of a Sherpa child."

Sherpa Adventure Gear recently established a charitable organization called the Paldorje Education Foundation.The new foundation readily enables the company to contribute a portion of every sale of its apparel to scholarships and initiatives that directly support the well being, education and future of the Sherpa people.

About Sherpa Adventure Gear

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, who was inspired to start the company when he discovered that his uncle was one of the Sherpa on Sir Edmund Hilary’s celebrated, first-ever expedition to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.Sherpa Adventure Gear—which manufacturers apparel for mountain and outdoor adventures—honors the unsung Sherpa heroes who make high altitude Himalayan climbs possible by carrying the loads, laying the ropes, and guiding the way.Sherpa athlete-ambassadors test and help design Sherpa Adventure Gear products, most of which are manufactured in Nepal. The company employs over 150 people in Nepal, and in 2009, furthered its local commitment when it opened its downtown Kathmandu headquarters, which houses its offices, a flagship store and The Terrace bed and breakfast. Two more stores opened in 2010, in Namche and Pokhara, Nepal.The company’s marketing and sales office is in Renton, Washington. Sherpa Adventure Gear gives back to the Sherpa community through its Paldorje Education Foundation.A portion of every sale funds educational and social initiatives, such as providing scholarships to deserving Sherpa children.