Innate Creates PVC-Free Stickers + Repurposes Trade Show Booth.

Innate’s commitment to clean design now extends into their marketing materials, including a fun lineup of PVC-free stickers, and a re-modeled trade show booth, designed in collaboration with local Vancouver team.

Innate, an innovator in cleanly designed essentials for active travel has extended their leaner, cleaner, greener approach to consumer and trade marketing materials. “We’ve covered all the basics for recycled content in our printed materials and basic trade-show booth materials, but we decided to challenge ourselves to do better on both counts,” relates VP of Sales, Robyn Gibson,

Gibson continues, “We are starting by doing something about our stickers since it always nagged us that brands like us were unable to find a PVC-free supplier; it was such a glaring disconnect.”

Innate worked with Weiguo Solutions to create a test case line of PVC-free stickers which will be passed out at winter OR (booth #173) and offered via social media. Weiguo is now offering this service to other brands who are equally concerned with these types of small, but important details that aren’t lost on discerning customers.

Turning to their trade show booth, Innate set out to re-use and re-purpose many parts of the old booth. For example, existing wood shelves which were first reclaimed from a high school gymnasium in 2008 for the original booth were re-purposed again to craft new shelves and a meeting table. The slightly distressed grid wall backing panels were made especially for Innate from re-purposed sail cloth by their talented friends at Redflag Designs (RFD) who put the Innate team to work pressure washing and ironing the fabric prior to sewing. RFD collects post-consumer fabrics to create locally made artisanal totes, travel bags, wallets and pillow cases.

“At Redflag Designs we focus on process, quality and craftsmanship,” notes Barnaby Killam, owner/designer of RFD. “Our way of re-thinking how and why things are made gives us a strong foundation to progress beyond sewn goods, leaving the future of RFD wide open.”

Check out the Redflag Designs blog post on the Innate Blog: God and the Devil are in the Details to learn more about this fun project; and keep an eye out for further collaborations in 2013 with Redflag on limited edition products that showcase cleanly designed essentials for active travel.

About Innate:

Innate creates cleanly designed essentials for active travel. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada - a city surrounded by mountains and water that provides endless inspiration and field-testing feedback for the product design team. Product collections include storage and carrying systems for food, drink, digital mobile devices, and active travel that support the company’s design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener. Derived from the Latin word Innatus, Innate refers to one’s inborn characteristics. At the core of the brand is a commitment to carefully considered choices in materials and manufacturing to reduce Innate’s ecological footprint. For more information about Innate, please visit,,, or contact us via or phone: 1 877 406 6283.


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