GTI’s Dr. Gary Selwyn Receives U.S. Patent to Advance Sustainable Water-Free Textile Finishing

GTI’s ‘mad scientest’ scores another patent
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Portland, OR - March 5, 2018 

Dr. Gary Selwyn

Dr. Gary Selwyn

Green Theme International™ (GTI), the creators of sustainable and water-free textile technologies, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks (USPTO), recently issued a critical ‘utility’ patent to Dr. Gary Selwyn, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Green Theme International. Selwyn’s newly-issued patent, described as “A Hyperbaric Process for Applying and Curing an Organic Polymerizable Treatment,” fortifies GTI’s exclusive high-pressure water-free finishing process and empowers future brand partners looking to adopt GTI’s ground-breaking, sustainable technology.

“This very powerful U.S. patent is key in our portfolio of technologies, as it has global implications when we look the future of water-free fabric finishing,” explains Selwyn, who holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from University of California at Berkeley and has been the recipient of three prestigious R&D ‘100’ awards, which honors the most innovative and revolutionary ideas in the field of science and technology.


Selwyn, affectionately known by his colleagues and friends as GTI’s “Mad Scientist” has been developing GTI’s clean and sustainable textile finishing technology over the past four years from his 3800 square ft. chemical laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Selwyn worked on early iterations of the chemistry and technology in his kitchen before outgrowing it’s cramped quarters.

“When we started exploring water-free finishing, we knew it would take years to perfect, but it would also start a technology revolution in sustainable textile finishing that would rock the textile industry,” explains Selwyn.

“Anyone who has ever unintentionally sat on a wad of chewing gum immediately understands how the combination of pressure, heat and chemistry leads to a permanent textile finish,” he adds. “So we multiplied all of those by 20x, and did it to benefit the consumer and the planet,” adds Selwyn who founded GTI, a certified B Corportation, in 2016 with CEO, Martin Flora.


This year, GTI’s brought its first product to market—a water-free (and fluorocarbon-free) water repellency treatment—aptly named “Aquavent” and which fully utilizes Selwyn’s patented technology. Aquavent’s patented process combines heat, pressure, and clean chemistry to hyper-fuse water protection into the fibers inside each yarn so it won’t wash out over time. This new technology adds water repellency to fabrics like wool suiting, running and exercise knits that normally don’t repel the rain.

Outdoor clothing and apparel brand, Marmot Mountain LLC, recently adopted GTI’s revolutionary Aquavent technology for their entirely new EVODry collection of sustainable shells—seven styles for men and women—which hit outdoor retailer shelves this past month.

GTI will soon announce partnerships with several other leading outdoor industry brands in the weeks and months ahead.

About Green Theme International™

Green Theme International™ (GTI) is a B Corporation with a mission to eliminate water use and pollution from the textile industry through 21st century innovation and the cleanest possible manufacturing practices available. GTI’s technology greatly improves fabric performance without the use of water and harmful chemicals while enhancing consumer’s product experiences. Please visit for more information.


Jordan Campbell