Grassroots Outdoor Alliance to Host June 2011 Summer Show in Ogden UT

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance to host their June 2011 Summer Show at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center.

The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance today announces an agreement with Ogden Eccles Conference Center to host their 2011 Summer Show in June, according to a statement from Grassroots President Roanne Miller, who has been in negotiations with Ogden officials.

Ogden's representatives in the deal include: Matthew Godfrey, (Mayor, Ogden City), Sara Toliver (President/CEO, Ogden/Weber Convention Visitors Bureau [CVB]), Jan Zogmaister, (Commissioner, Weber County), and Ross Reeder (Director of Sales and Marketing, Ogden Eccles Conference Center), Lindsey Ketchum, (Sales Manager CVB), Dan Turner (Sales Manager Ogden Marriott) Rick MacKenzie (CEO MacKenzie Exhibit). ��€œThis entire team of key people has worked diligently to bring our show to their city,” Miller explains.

Dawson Wheeler, Chairman of Grassroots' Vendor Committee explains: “Our past location at Snowbird Lodge had become too small for the size our show has become. Snowbird was an amazing location for our show. The lodge is wonderful, as is the staff from top to bottom. Snowbird also afforded the type of recreational opportunities we expect during our shows.

Providing outdoor opportunities remains an important part of our show. We are in the outdoor business, and as core specialty retailers, experiencing the mountains lets us test the gear during the show. The location also helps keep us in the correct mindset to conduct our business.

“The new Ogden location will support the type of buying show our membership expects. It is important that buyers and vendor partners have the resources to support a positive buying atmosphere, which include the natural resources around Ogden. “

Miller explains the appeal of Ogden, which she says “is focused on becoming a town known for it's ‘outdoor sports community' and organizations like Grassroots have a common interest and investment in outdoor recreation that dovetails with the efforts of the City, County and the CVB. Our vendor partner, Salomon, certainly recognized this with the move of their US offices years ago. They have been a strong voice for the positive planning initiatives in the city and have been involved over the long term. “

Miller also adds that there are plans underway for a light rail system between Salt Lake City and Ogden in 2012, which show-goers would utilize and which “represents a positive step in terms of our carbon footprint and also will certainly make transportation between the airport and our show easy.”

According to Mike Plante, CEO of Grassroots, “The rail system will allow my team to meet and work as we travel to Ogden. It is always so important to maximize our time during the buying season.”

Ed Mcalister, Owner of member retailer River Sports, explains that the recreational opportunities surrounding Ogden are vast. “I can't wait to enjoy the Via Ferrata routes that have been established in the area, as this will be a new activity for me. Also the Salomon Center has everything from climbing to surfing. Surfing in Utah, who knew!”

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance unites independent outdoor retailers as a strong voice to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. We enable access to best business practices for our retail members, to the best equipment and apparel brands for the public, and to outdoor recreation for all.


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