Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Announces Partnership With Arc'teryx

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance welcomes Arc'teryx as it's newest vendor partner beginning in Fall 2011.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance proudly announces that Arc’teryx has joined our Alliance as a vendor partner.

Long recognized as one of the premier brands in the outdoor industry, Arc’teryx is a natural fit as a vendor partner. It’s collection of quality equipment and apparel are well represented in many of the existing G.O.A. retail doors across North America.

George Curleigh, Director of Sales for Arc’teryx in North America, recently attended G.O.A.’s Early Show at Snowbird and commented:

“During a recent trip to Snowbird to see the GOA show I was able to obtain a great understanding of the special dynamics that make Grassroots such a strong group. It is a team of specialty retailers that helped launch the Arc’teryx brand and have maintained their position as cornerstone of the outdoor industry. I have decided, on behalf of Arc’teryx, to join GOA to support this select group of retailers who continue to drive innovative and technical product through superior selection and great sales staff. I look forward to seeing everybody at the first GOA fall show this November!”

With such a great understanding of what Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is all about, we’d like to welcome George, his team and the Arc’teryx brand to our organization.

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