Superfeet Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a Vendor Partner

Superfeet joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a vendor partner

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is pleased to announce that Superfeet® has joined our organization as a Vendor Partner.

Superfeet Worldwide Inc. is a premium industry leading insole designer and manufacturer. Superfeet began back in the mid-70s as the Sports Division of one of the world's leading orthotic labs, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. In 1977 Superfeet became its own company, with the mission to ‘provide affordable orthotics to the general public'.

Since their beginning over 30 years ago, Superfeet has consistently and successfully created premium insoles for different types of feet, for different activities and sports. In 2006, Superfeet introduced an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) to reward their employees for their years of dedicated service and effort. Those same employees created their own set of Core Values that they now use as a basis for their mission. Superfeet products reflect the passion and commitment of everyone at Superfeet to give the end consumer healthy feet and a better life.

In 2008, Superfeet was awarded second place in Outside Magazine's BEST PLACES TO WORK list in the medium-sized company category, and ranked 6th overall in 2011's list.

Brad Parry, VP National Sales at Superfeet shared his thoughts on becoming a vendor partner with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, “The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance represents some of the best independent retailers in the industry and we are thrilled to take our relationship with them to a new level. The dominant market share owned by Superfeet in the outdoor channel is largely due to the efforts of dedicated retailers like these who provide an extremely high level of service to their customers and our consumers. We are confident that this new partnership will enable both parties to see growth among current and new consumers that can benefit from our products.”

Today, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has 38 members with nearly 80 retail locations across the United States. Roanne Miller, President of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance states “The combination of a history of producing fine, quality products and dedication to their employees, shows that Superfeet shares many of the same goals and ethics as retail members of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. We're choosy about who our vendor partners are but with these types of goals and expectations, Superfeet is an easy fit as a vendor partner.”

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