GoLite Footwear's Revolutionary Discovery

GoLite Footwear Revolutionizes Trail Running with an amazing Discovery-Rock Softening Spray!


NEWMARKET, NH, January 5th, 2012 – GoLite Footwear today announced plans to bring to market two breakthrough technologies that take direct aim at the rocks they recently discovered hurt.
“We're scientists—which you can see because we are wearing lab coats,” explains Doug Clark, CEO of GoLite Footwear. “Trail running is all about going down different paths, so we aren't narrowing our research to one path.”
Clark's team noticed that countless articles about running in minimalist shoes state that acclimating can take over a year. “Realizing that time isn't an obstacle for these runners, we've created a revolutionary product called Rock Softening Spray,” says Clark.
When Rock Softening Spray is applied to rocks, they disintegrate and the microscopic particles wash away. “Of course, this takes time—as evidenced by the Grand Canyon,” explains President Scott Briggs. “Think of it—you grab some Rock Softening Spray, start spraying and in a hundred thousand years, no more rock and you're ready to run!”
Alternately, trail runners can try the brand's newest style for men and women, the TR63, featuring GoLite Footwear's other breakthrough—270 of Flex —which yields similar results in a fraction of the time. In fact, no time at all, Clark says. The technology allows for latitudinal, torsional and longitudinal flex, and lets the foot roll smoothly from the outside of the heel to the midfoot the way nature intended. “Traditional trail running shoes have stiff soles, which causes the midfoot to slap against the ground with each step,” says Clark. “When runners wear the TR63 on rocky terrain, they'll immediately notice a more natural, smoother stride.”
“By combining 270 of Flex with our zero drop outsole and Rock Absorber technology that yields to rocks and roots, it gives trail runners not just the flexibility of minimalist shoe running, but also superior stability,” Briggs explains. “It's all the advantages of minimalist running combined with the protection and cushioning of a traditional runner. No pain, all gain,” concludes Briggs.
Runners with endless amounts of free time are encouraged to pick up a bottle of Rock Softening Spray, while runners who are simply eager to have the best trail running experience imaginable are encouraged to purchase the GoLite TR63 at premium outdoor specialty stores and prominent online retailers in fall 2012.

About GoLite Footwear
GoLite Footwear designs innovative shoes for trail running and outdoor pursuits where the terrain is uneven, the conditions are unforgiving and the reward is knowing just how far you can push yourself. Their patented technologies improve traction, stability and cushioning while promoting the body's innate ability to sense and adapt to its environment. Online at golite-footwear.com.


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