Fast Growing Sales Fuel Expansion of Snow Peak’s U.S. Headquarters

Snow Peak announced today that the company is expanding their U.S. headquarters as part of the brand’s growth strategy in North America.

Portland, OR – April 10, 2012 – Snow Peak, the innovative outdoor lifestyle company, announced today that the company is expanding their U.S. headquarters as part of the brand's growth strategy in North America. In addition to the larger office and increased warehouse space, the brand will open a retail showroom, the first of its kind in the United States.

“With our fast growing sales, Snow Peak has set in motion a plan to expand our infrastructure to improve our distribution bandwidth,” said Nate Borne, general manager, Snow Peak USA. “A key component to our strategy is the expanded warehouse space that our new location provides.”

In addition to the new headquarters, Snow Peak is upgrading their inventory tracking system, increasing staff to support growth, and working to increase production levels in Japan, all part of the brand's investment in the infrastructure of Snow Peak USA.

Snow Peak's new office and warehouse space is nearly double their current space and will open May 1, 2012 in Portland's thriving Pearl District. The new retail showroom will open early August and will be the only location where consumers can experience the breadth of the Snow Peak collection in North America.

“We decided to open the retail showroom with the increased demand for our luxury camping products. We are seeing beyond the stoves and cookware that we are primarily known for in the U.S.,” said Borne. “It is thrilling to be able to finally offer the entire Snow Peak assortment in a single location to the American consumer.”

Visit the new headquarters at:
Snow Peak USA
410 NW 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

About Snow Peak
Snow Peak's journey began in 1958, when its founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished Japanese mountaineer, created his own line of superior gear out of the dissatisfaction with available products.

Yamai's natural inspiration came from his life in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. A range of mountains that rise up to an altitude of 1000m form a wall on the boundary between Niigata and Fukushima prefectures, and the rivers and streams born from the peaks and valleys flow out to the East Japan Sea. It is this place that inspired Yukio, and to this day continues to inspire all of the products that come from Snow Peak.

Today we strive to create products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors. We seek harmony between people and nature, and we look to manufacture with such high quality standards that your equipment may be passed on to the next generation. This is where all of our designs are born.