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Fashion in the parks: Lolë and Outdoor Fitness join forces

Fashion in the parks: Lolë and Outdoor Fitness join forces to promote outdoor sports activities for women

Lolë, the innovative feminine active wear brand, has partnered with Outdoor Fitness inc., a company that offers outdoor courses in aerobics and fitness in Canada's parks. The aim of their joint venture is to inspire active women to improve their well-being by practicing sports in the green spaces of our cities, with enjoyment rather than performance in mind. In designing clothing that is both versatile and feminine, Lolë is meeting the multi-faceted needs of busy, urban women who want to be more actively engaged.
"It was inevitable that our two companies would join forces since the mission and the vision of the two brands are similar and complementary. Evelyne Trempe, co-founder of Lolë, and Danielle Danault, founding president of Outdoor Fitness, are both passionate people who have revolutionized their businesses by meeting the needs of active women in an innovative manner," explained Bernard Mariette, President and CEO of Coalision Inc., to which the Lolë brand belongs. The two companies are now combining forces to jointly promote activities adapted to the lifestyles of active women who need to reconcile personal and professional lives while pursuing a passion for exercise and the outdoors. "With Outdoor Fitness, Lolë will be contributing to their well-being in their own urban environment."
"Lolë's playing field is the parks, and that is where Danielle has built her business, so the fit could not be better. Our joint venture with Outdoor Fitness allows us to reach active women directly in our favoured environment: that is, urban green spaces. The partnership is up and running and will be a major source of inspiration for our collections," stated Nathalie Binda, VP Marketing for Lolë. The two companies intend to set up joint programs for active urban women, inviting them to experience their cities in a different way, and certainly with a sense of style.
At Outdoor Fitness, Danielle Danault is excited about the new partnership, which will facilitate her company's expansion throughout Canada and the rest of North America. "Lolë is very popular amongst active women. The brand is presently being sold at over 1,000 retailers across North America, and soon in Europe. Thanks to this partnership with Lolë, Outdoor Fitness will benefit from an outstanding network in the very markets it was aiming to reach over the next few years."
Lolë plans to develop Outdoor Fitness sports programs starting this year in Europe, beginning with an exclusive presentation at the ISPO Winter show in Munich from February 7 to 10 (STALL A310-HALL 3 and ATRIUM), and throughout Canada and the United States in the spring.

About Lolë

Lole offers women a vast variety of intelligent and fashionable clothing that follow their everyday active needs.

About Coalision

A blend of the words "coalition" and "collision", the name Coalision is a faithful reflection of the nature of the company: a strong coalition of dedicated people based on a creative collision of ideas. Coalision owns the ORAGE and LOLË clothing brands which are distributed to a network of more than 2,500 retailers in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

About Outdoor Fitness

Founded in 2000, Outdoor Fitness is an innovative company with a team of 300 professionals and 35 franchises. It has created the unique concept of open-air cardiovascular and muscle-toning classes in more than 70 parks across eastern Canada. The popularity of the company has made Outdoor Fitness a generic name for physical exercise practiced in the open air.
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