Farm to Feet sponsors Adventure Science’s expedition to map Madagascar’s Limestone Labyrinth


Mt. Airy, North Carolina (October 1,2014)— Farm to Feet, makers of 100% American socks, has teamed up with Adventure Science as they set out on the 100 Miles of Wild: Madagascar’s Limestone Labyrinth expedition.

On October 1­, 2014, the Adventure Science team, lead by adventurer and Adventure Science founder, Dr. Simon Donato, will begin their trek through the sharp rock, towering cliffs, and unknown cave systems deep into Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. Along the 100 mile route the team will record the the first detailed map of the region, identify Lemur species native to the region, and identify geologically significant features, such as dinosaur track.

“We’ve partnered with Simon on a number of previous adventures for his TV show Boundless, and we’re excited to be a part of this important expedition,” said David Petri, Farm to Feet VP Marketing.

Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is a UNESCO world heritage site and is categorized among the most stringently protected natural landscapes by the World Commission on Protected Areas. As such, Donato and his team of palaeontologists, caving experts, rock climbers, athletes, medics, and adventures, were granted special access to explore the dangerous limestone labyrinth. Joining Donato and his fellow Kensington Tours Explorers in Residence will be storm chaser and Angry Planet television star George Kourounis­ and primatologist and lemur expert Travis Steffans, among others.

Along the way, the expedition will raise awareness for the ecological and environmental situation in Madagascar. Stories, photographs, and a daily log will be broadcast through the Adventure Science Facebook page throughout the expedition. As with any Adventure Science undertaking, all findings will be documented and made available ­free of charge ­to groups interested in learning more about this incredible part of the world, at


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