Duluth Pack Sees Growth During Economic Slowdown

Low Economic Times Creates Opportunity for Success! Duluth Pack, an American manufacturing company, sees growth during economic downturn.

Since 2007, the U.S. economy has been declining in many areas. The housing market has suffered, millions of people have lost their jobs, and prices for basic necessities have seen a steady increase. During this economic downturn, Duluth Pack (based out of Duluth, MN) has managed to see significant growth. The company had to get creative, so they used the worldwide web to reach out to new customers, as well as new international dealers.
Since 2009, Duluth Pack's sales have increased over 50%. Since 2010, they have expanded their Duluth based work force by over 50%. Rather than succumb to the economic downturn issues presented to them, Duluth Pack has managed to add jobs, increase sales, and increase their dealer network. Duluth Pack's global outreach has also increased by about 50%, specifically in Asia.
As further proof of their success, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar had a chance to visit Duluth Pack and see their operations first hand this past January as part of her Made in America tour of northern Minnesota. Klobuchar says that Duluth Pack is a great example of local growth that has international appeal. She states "We need to export to the world. We need to think and invent. We can no longer have an economy that relies on churning money on Wall Street, Duluth Pack shows us how we can get it done.”
Over the past year, Duluth Pack has launched several new products including their Scoutmaster Series, Bison Leather products, as well as adding Mossy Oak® camouflage as a canvas color option. By adding modern twists to classic designs, Duluth Pack has managed to expand their market to more than just outdoor enthusiasts. Current trends are leaning towards traditional, utilitarian heritage looks made with the utmost quality. Not to mention, consumers are becoming more and more mindful of purchasing products made in the USA. Duluth Pack is all that, and more.

About Duluth Pack
Duluth Pack, established in 1882, is dedicated to making quality outdoor gear as well as purses, luggage, messenger bags, gun cases, and portfolio bags. These products are manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota, using time-honored techniques. All products manufactured by Duluth Pack offer a Lifetime Guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.


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