Drift Innovation partners with MIO 3D Technologies to Produce 3D Film

Technology used by professional video production company to be available for the masses

Boyne City, Mich., (April 11, 2011) – Drift Innovation, manufacturers of the new HD170 Stealth wearable action sports cameras, partners with groundbreaking MIO 3D Technologies and the skillful Live Media Entertainment and i58 productions to produce the world’s first 3D full feature length film to use HD170 Stealth cameras. “Dark Truths” will be released in late summer 2011.

Due to Drift’s unique and all-inclusive features such as the integrated LCD screen, wireless remote control, rotating lens, longer life battery and water resistant casing in a compact unit, it is the ideal point of view camera for 3D video production. It allows the videographers to film in tight spaces, confirm their shots and desired angles, as well as sustain battery life and any outdoor weather conditions.

"Without the innovations that Drift cameras has specifically brought to the market, this type of 3D filming would not even be possible, at any price,” said Director and Producer of “Dark Truths”, Hector “H” Marquez. “Additionally, MIO 3D technologies are designed to give the most versatile and affordable 3D production abilities, ever, to the masses.”

B. Sean Fairburn, Emmy award-winning veteran cinematographer and creator of MIO 3D technologies’ ultimate goal is to offer the public 3D filming abilities; now possible with Drift Innovation. The partnering companies are currently developing a complete “Extreme 3D Kit” to allow filmmakers, at any level, the ability to film their own 3D movie or footage. The kit is available to preview at NABshow in Las Vegas this week, April 9-14 1in Las Vegas, NV at the MIO 3D Technologies, booth # C11739.

The cutting edge 3D technology presented by both Drift Innovation and MIO 3D are configured when three of more synchronized Drift cameras are rigged to the millimeter, and focused on multiple points of convergence to ensure specific inter oculars, stimulating human eyeballs to see in three-dimensions.

For the essential 3D experience and to preview a clip from the MIO 3D and Drift set up by Live Media Entertainment, please visit here, red and blue 3D movie glasses are recommended for viewing.To learn more information about Drift innovation visit: http://www.driftinnovation.com/.

About Drift innovation:

Drift Innovation is a wearable Point of View Camera product company offering consumers wide-angle recording capabilities to capture all their adventures and activities. Designed with smart real life use features, it is highly recommended by the specialists in outdoor sports, motorsports, and snow sports.Drift captures the action from the every individual’s point of view and offers easy ways to share and re-live the experience with friends and family. For more information about Drift Innovations, visit www.driftinnovation.com.


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