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Drift HD Packaging Design Receives 2012 Red Dot Design Award

Drift HD Packaging Design Receives 2012 Red Dot Design Award for Communication Design

LONDON –Drift Innovation, the UK based action sports technology company and manufacturer of the Drift HD & 720 wearable Point of View (POV) cameras, is a recipient of the globally recognized 2012 Red Dot Design Award for Communication Design for the new Drift HD packaging. An international jury granted the red dot award, which is recognized as a quality seal and gives world-renowned merit to Drift's creative design skills.

Earning the red dot label is a testament to Drift's consistent commitment to design and innovation. These elements have been a cornerstone in the development of Drift cameras and accessories, and they are also a priority in how Drift packages their products. Because packaging often establishes a first impression in consumer minds, the new HD packaging was designed to reflect the innovative design, durability, and user-friendliness of the product it is introducing.

“It is an honor to have the creative and strategic design of the HD packaging recognized by this prestigious award,” said Drift Co-Founder, Robin Parker. “The focus of our design concept is to continue to innovate while simplifying the user experience. With this in mind, we designed packaging that showcases its contents and stimulates consumer senses. Our dealers have been very pleased with the packaging's aesthetic appeal at retail and the influence it has had on sales.”

The Drift HD action camera is protected in a fully reusable, custom packing solution. The design, shaped in the footprint of the company logo, highlights the unique selling points of the camera such as the integrated LCD screen and remote control. The reusable packaging also reduces waste by creating a lasting piece to be kept and utilized instead of discarded immediately upon receipt.

A unique feature of the packaging includes the same black 'soft touch' exterior finish as the camera to give the user an immediate emotional connection with one of Drifts signature attributes. The design also incorporates reinforcement with space for a security tether line to pass undisrupted through the high clarity window box.

The accessories case was also carefully engineered to incorporate all the necessary mounts and accompanying accessories in a durable polymer case that doubles as a Drift-branded travel case.

For more information about Drift, visit www.driftinnovation.com. For more information about the red dot organization, visit en.red-dot.org.

About Drift:
Drift Innovation is a leading action sports technology company specializing in the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms. Drift manufactures quality point of view HD cameras, mounts and accessories, inspiring action sports enthusiasts to document their experiences, capture the emotion and share their vision with friends and family. Drifts mission is to ensure that their unique product features such as an LCD screen for instant playback, wireless remote control, rotatable lens and intuitive interface, guarantee a simple, positive user experience. Drift sponsored professional athletes in moto, auto, outdoor, snow, aquatic and airborne sports, are an integral part of the R&D process, testing the performance and durability of Drift products in the field. For more information about Drift Innovation, visit www.driftinnovation.com