Clean and Sustainable Batiste Rhum Ecoiste Selects SMACK! Media to Promote Alcohol that’s Better for You

Batiste Rhum has selected SMACK! Media to support their brand recognition and continued growth through authentic and targeted public relations and brand influencer campaigns
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Marin County, CA — April 11, 2018 

Batiste Rhum

Batiste Rhum, an exceptional Eco-positive, sustainable, carbon negative, and non-GMO craft beverage company has selected SMACK! Media to support their brand recognition and continued growth through authentic and targeted public relations and brand influencer campaigns.

Founder Tristan Mermin created Batiste Rhum as the answer to the question, “If chocolate and coffee can be fair trade, organic, and made from sustainable ingredients, why can’t spirits be the same?” Mermin, also an athlete that wanted to be able to enjoy alcohol and feel good the next day, wanted a clean tasting, rich in flavor alcoholic beverage that was Better for the Earth and Better for You. Batiste Rhum is sourced, fermented, and distilled at the only Eco-positive distillery in the French Caribbean at a farm that has been producing sugar cane since 1769. The raw “Rhum” – purposely labeled with an h since it is made from pure sugar cane juice rather than fermented molasses – is then brought to Northern California for polishing, final production and packaging.

Better for the Earth…Batiste proudly showcases their full production method on their website via their 7 Ways they Keep it Clean info-graph and video. A few examples on how they give back to the land include growing sugarcane that absorbs CO2 gas from the air into the earth, using crushed stalks to power a distillery mill, and utilizing only local clean energy to package for final production after shipping to California in bulk. This distillery on the small island of Marie Galante is carbon negative, and operates on a solar grid that produces enough energy to power almost half of the island!

Better for You. Batiste is crafted with simple, high-quality, and clean ingredients. The Silver is made from sugar cane juice, yeast, and water, while the Gold is similar except aged in rye whiskey barrels. Using no added sugar, additives, or coloring, Batiste is grown without pesticides, herbicides nor chemical fertilizers, as most sugarcane is. The complex yet refreshing taste of Batiste pairs beautifully with a splash of lime or sparkling flavored water for extra low-calorie libations. For the more adventurous drinkers, Batiste’s mixologists crafted brilliant recipes and concoctions, illustrated for convenience on their website.

"We are eager to partner with SMACK! Media to help us fine tune elements of our brand and look to introduce Batiste to more consumers,” said Jon Lawson, Partner and COO of Batiste. “As classmates and former teammates at Princeton University, we knew SMACK! Media before we had a beverage brand to promote. We have witnessed their ability to make an impact with brand growth and have been impressed with their reputation and the team’s track record, passion, and deep authentic connection to the world of health, wellness, nutrition and beyond.”

“We are a team of executives and athletes who work hard, train hard and like to play hard,” said Elisette “Eli” Carlson of SMACK! Media. “We don’t have time for headaches nor hangovers and when we put Batiste to the test, we were impressed! While the product is incredible, we really like the overall story of the island and its reputation to date; how the “rhum” is made, why it’s carbon negative and what restaurants and chefs have picked it up. 75% of the rum market is currently owned by just three brands that use methods of production with limited environmental controls, a lot of sugar and artificial coloring. We’re excited about having more alcoholic options to offer fellow athletes and health conscious audiences.”

Batiste Rhum is available online and at select retailers. Visit to shop, watch the production video and learn more.

About Batiste Rhum Ecoiste:

Batiste Rhum is cleaner, more versatile, and pleasing than any rum you’ve tasted. It starts in the Caribbean on a farm that’s been growing sugar since 1769. The cane is pressed into juice and distilled at an Eco-Positive facility before coming to California for finishing and bottling. Ecoiste is the driving force and encapsulates how we think: Better for the Earth, Better for You.

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