Calling All Product Geeks -- Adventure Medical Kits Needs Your Help!

Help Us Re-Design Our Ultralight & Watertight Kits, Get 30% Off of Your Next AMK Order

(OAKLAND, CA) – Adventure® Medical Kits, the leading developer of safety and survival gear for outdoor adventurers, needs the aid of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere to help overhaul its line of Ultralight & Watertight kits. Today the company announced an initiative that offers anyone who provides their valuable input on the U&W kits with a 30% discount off of their next AMK order. By input, AMK wants you to kick the tires on everything – from functionality, to utility, to appearance. Those interested in giving AMK a piece of their mind (and snagging the 30% discount) need simply complete a survey on the Ultralight & Watertight series by clicking the following link:

AMK’s ubiquitous yellow-and-blue, waterproof Ultralight kits have been a fixture at adventure races, on hiking trails, campsites and bike paths ever since the company released the series in 2002. In that time, a who’s who of outdoor pros -- including high altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs, explorer and documentary filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, women’s world mountain biking champ Rebecca Rusch and Primal Quest and world adventure racing team champions Team Nike -- have relied on these kits in their various sports and endeavors, and continue to do so.

So why mess with success? Because it’s just in AMK’s nature.

Says AMK co-founder Frank Meyer, “The reason Dr. Eric A. Weiss and I started AMK nearly two decades ago was because we saw that there were no commercially available, lightweight and intuitively designed first aid kits that would actually help outdoor enthusiasts when they were located hours or days from professional medical care.”

That impulse – to meet the ever evolving needs of customers by incorporating their feedback and the latest technology and innovative materials into current and new product lines – continues to be at the heart of Adventure Medical Kits’ philosophy.

“Since we began,” Meyer continued, “our customers have never been shy about telling us when we succeed and when we need to do more work. I fully expect -- and look forward to -- receiving plenty of suggestions on how we can improve upon the success of the Ultralight & Watertight kits. So, bring it on!”

Adventure Medical Kits will be running the Ultralight & Watertight survey and discount offer until Friday March 27th. AMK’s Ultralight & Watertight Series 2.0 is slated for a Winter 2010 release.

About Adventure® Medical Kits

Adventure® Medical Kits, a division of Tender Corporation Inc., is the world leader in developing innovative first aid and outdoor survival gear that help people enjoy safe outdoor adventures. Co-designed with top emergency, outdoor, marine and travel medicine experts, AMK’s activity-specific products are specially designed to prevent and treat common injuries and ailments that occur during outdoor activities, mountaineering, hunting, sailing, hiking or traveling the world. Many of the company’s medical kits feature AMK’s unique Easy Care™ system, which organizes hospital quality supplies into injury specific compartments, allowing the novice or pro to quickly and confidently administer first aid. Additionally, the company markets a wide range of survival products, including its top-selling Thermo-Lite® Bivvy Sack and Pocket Survival Pak™; bug repellents such as Ben’s® and Natrapel®; and the world-famous insect bite treatment AfterBite®. More recently, the company signed an agreement with Z-Medica Corp. to become the exclusive distributor of QuikClot® -- a hemostatic sponge designed to stop traumatic bleeding – in the outdoor retail channel. For more information, visit