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Call for Entries to Hydrate with Innate! Photo Contest

Environmentally Conscious Beverage Container Company Shows a Picture is Worth $1000 to Provide Clean Water to Developing Communities

Innate, the Vancouver B.C.-based company that creates cleanly designed gear made from environmentally progressive materials for healthy, active people, announced the launch of its Hydrate with Innate! photo contest.

“We hear so many marvelous tales about where and how Innate containers are used. Hydrate with Innate! is a wonderful opportunity to share these stories through inspiring photographs and to help provide clean drinking water through the support of a great non-profit organization,” said Robyn Gibson, operations manager of Innate.

Beginning July 1, 2009, Innate users thirsty for a challenge can submit their favorite photos of themselves, their family or friends hydrating with clear blue water, preferably with an Innate container, online at or on Facebook at Innate Gear. Entrants should include background information about where the photo was taken and what they were thinking while they were drinking. Submissions will be accepted until November 30, 2009.

The Innate panel of judges will select the most inspiring photo and accompanying background information. The winner will receive 24 of their choice of one style of Innate Hydration containers. Plus the winner will have the honor of selecting one of three charitable organizations to receive a $1000 Canadian donation from Innate. The three non-profits, Water Aid, Water Can and Mercy Corps, were selected by Innate for their continued efforts to provide cost effective clean, safe water to people in developing communities around the world.

Gibson added, “Hydrate with Innate! is a way for our community to share stories and to help developing communities have access to clean safe water. A donation like this, administered by one of the organizations we have chosen, can create cleaner, healthier communities.”

The Hydrate with Innate contest is similar to the 2008 Clear Blue Water contest where Innate asked interested people to submit names to three new water bottle designs. More than 400 contestants entered online during the 12-week competition. The three winners were chosen by a judging panel and received 24 of the bottles they named to share with family and friends. Plus, each of the three winners selected one of the same non profit organizations working for clean safe water that are listed in the Hydrate with Innate! contest One thousand dollars Canadian was donated to the selected organization in their name.

Hydrate with Innate winners will be announced on the website on December 15, 2009. For complete rules and eligibility: Visit after July 01, 2009, for more info.

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Innate creates cleanly designed gear made from environmentally progressive materials for healthy, active people. Its product collection includes food and beverage containers, as well as a range of essential accessories. The Vancouver B.C.-based company is committed to progressive and transparent business practices by making carefully considered ,choices of materials, manufacturing and packaging backed by a chain of custody. This involves detailing where and how its products are made including the tracking and testing of raw materials. For additional information about Innate products and this commitment, visit

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