Brunton Launches Lightwave Lantern Series & Expanded Portable Power Collections


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(Boulder, CO) January 21, 2015— In Fall 2015, outdoor equipment brand Brunton will introduce the LIGHTWAVE collection, a new series of technology-driven rechargeable lanterns. The brand will also continue to build its portable power and powered accessory offerings with the launch of new products in its ALL DAY, HEATSYNC and RESYNC collections. Built with an unmatched level of technology and versatile functionality, the new products stay true to Brunton’s mission—To keep people in the outdoors longer.The new products will be available beginning in July 2015 at specialty outdoor retailers and online at



Brunton will make its return to the outdoor lighting category with the debut of LIGHTWAVE, a new series of technologically advanced lanterns designed to enhance the camping experience. The four models feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, USB connection ports to charge personal electronics, and an IPX4 water-resistant design. The 1,600mAh LIGHTWAVE BEAM has a three-function light and one USB output capable of one smartphone charge. Next in the series, the LIGHTWAVE CAMP ROCKER has the same functionality as the BEAM with an integrated Bluetooth speaker system allowing users to share music around the campfire.

The LIGHTWAVE AXIS offers a larger capacity with a 10,000mAh battery and three USB output ports. The lighting system on the AXIS, controlled by an integrated Bluetooth system driven by Brunton’s B-SYNC app, features SOS and emergency lighting functions. Rounding out the series, the LIGHTWAVE AMP combines functionalities from the BEAM, CAMP ROCKER and AXIS. The AMP features an ultra-bright 400-lumen light when set on maximum brightness, a rechargeable 10,000mAh lithium-ion battery, and integrated Bluetooth controlled lighting and speaker systems. With a RGB colored LED lighting system and the capability to synchronize lights and sounds to music, the lantern has an infinite range of possible settings. A Micro USB input and three USB output ports for phone and tablet charging. Both the AXIS and the AMP open a new level of convenience to campers, allowing the light to be controlled from a distance or from the tent when the night calls.




Introduced in Summer 2014, the Brunton ALL DAY pushed the limits of GOPRO® use extending the camera’s battery life to nearly four times the standard run time. Brunton will grow its ALL DAY collection to offer power solutions for GOPRO® use in both day and night (low light) settings. The ALL DAY 2.0 takes the original best selling ALL DAY to the next level with a larger capacity 5,000mAh lithium-polymer battery. Combined with the camera’s on-board 1,100mAh battery, shooting time stretches to more than five times the normal run rate. The battery connects to the existing GOPRO® housing providing a tight seal to increase waterproof performance up to 40 meters.

Brunton will also debut the ALL NIGHT, a similar 5,000mAh battery pack with an integrated 400 lumen Variable Cree LED lighting system. In addition to improved nighttime performance, the added lighting element combined with the 40-meter waterproof design allows camera usage in dark situations like diving. The ALL NIGHT offers several settings: High, Low, Flood, and Spot, creating the ability to capture the action 24 hours a day. Both the ALL DAY 2.0 and ALL NIGHTfeature Brunton’s patented secondary door with a USB charging port to charge smartphones and other small personal electronics. Both devices are also updated with a new design that is optimized to fit all camera models in the GOPRO® line, including the Hero, Hero 3+, Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver. The batteries are also compatible with the Hero 3 model when using a case from the Hero 3+ or Hero 4 series.




On the heels of a successful launch in Fall 2014, Brunton will also build upon options in its HEATSYNC collection. The HEATSYNC line provides a portable heating system enhancing active experiences and allowing individuals to remain outdoors in cold conditions. In Fall 2015, the HEATSYNC VITAL will be introduced in a larger size, the HEATSYNC VITAL 3XL, and in an advanced high-performance model, the HEATSYNC VITAL 2.0. The HEATSYNC VITAL 2.0 is designed for active use and features an ergonomic, stretch-neoprene construction to provide a wider area of heat over the chest and kidney areas. The device uses low profile, far-infrared carbon fiber heating elements to provide highly efficient heating and a slim fit between layers.



Brunton will also add two HEATSYNC accessory items to protect the neck and extremities: the HEATSYNC HOOD and HEATSYNC GLOVE LINER. The brand will also launch a redesigned version of the RESYNC optimized to power the HEATSYNC line. The updated models of the RESYNC feature a 2.1amp USB output, a slim profile (1.5 cm in depth), and integrated solar panels for emergency charging. Offered in two capacities, 3,000mAh and 6,000mAh, the redesigned RESYNC is built with the high waterproof and shockproof standards that Brunton has become known for.

Brunton You Proof Promise

Each Brunton device is offered with an indestructible guarantee, the You Proof Promise. No matter wherever, whenever or however you use a Brunton product, if you break it, we’ll fix it or replace it.

About Brunton

At Brunton, we come to work with a clear vision: remove any obstacles that stand between our customers and their passion to stay outdoors. It’s been this way since 1894, when D.W. Brunton created the now legendary Pocket Transit― a compact, precision compass that continues to give outdoorsman the confidence to push beyond the beaten path. Today, this spirit of indestructible innovation lives in the form of professional-grade solutions as tough and diverse as the rugged Rocky Mountains that we’ve called our laboratory for over 125 years. Our goal is to build products as tough as the people who get to use them and to allow these users to push themselves and our products to extend their adventure. For more information, please visit




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