Brooks-Range Mountaineering Rounds Out 2010/11 Collection at OR

Brooks-Range introduces more outerwear, hard goods, map tools and ultra lightweight camping gear for 2010/11.

Brooks-Range Mountaineering (ORSM Booth #8050) continues to expand its high quality collection of gear designed for the backcountry enthusiast. Every aspect of the Brooks-Range has grown including outerwear, ultra lite winter camping gear, map tools for Adventure Racing, sleeping bags and air mattresses. All Brooks-Range products are available through leading outdoor specialty retailers and online at

“Brooks-Range is about so much more than map tools and rescue sleds,” said Matt Brooks, founder and president of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment. “We have our tried and true products that include the Backcountry Shovels, UltraLite sleds and tarps, etc., but this year, we have truly branched out to provide our customers with all the gear they will need for their backcountry adventures.”


UltraLite Quick Tent - An ultra-light water-resistant rip-stop nylon 2-person tent, specially designed for quick and easy set-up with a single ski or trekking pole. This two-person, stand-alone tent features a reinforced pole cap that holds the pole in place, with a second pole prop-point at the rear of the tent. There are 21 webbing tie outs, including one on top of the pole cup for overhead suspension. The front entrance flaps can be left open for ventilation or overlapped and staked closed for added protection from weather conditions. Dimensions: 5' x 9'; Packed size: 8” x 4”; Colors: red, yellow; Weight: 15.8 oz.; MSRP: $170.00

UltraLite Adventure Tarp - An indispensable all-in-one tool for the backcountry traveler in need of an emergency shelter, rescue sled/toboggan, emergency bivy bag and ground cloth. The UltraLite Adventure Tarp is small and light enough to carry all year long, even for day hikes, and versatile enough to be used in most emergencies, eliminating the need for a tarp or shelter in addition to a rescue-sled/toboggan. Dimensions: 8' x 10'; Packed size: 4” x 8”; Colors: red, yellow; Weight: 14 oz.; MSRP: $200.00


“Sleeping bags are an integral component to any backcountry adventure, so it is a natural product extension for Brooks-Range,” continued Brooks. “These bags far exceed what is currently on the market because they are extremely warm, but do not have the bulk and weight typically associated with a sleeping bag. I am confident that consumers will be impressed as soon as they slip into one of these down-filled bags.”

Alpini Sleeping Bag Collection - Made with straight wall baffles for maximum insulation efficiency, the Alpini Bags feature an ultralite, ripstop Pertex™ shell that is DWR- treated for water-resistance, and the highest quality 850 goose down fill. The bags offer utmost comfort and warmth while maintaining a very light carry weight; the +10°F (-12°C) bag weighs just 26 oz. (735 g)! Each bag includes a draft collar and a 36” side zipper for easy in/out. Dimensions: 80” long (84” for Long bags), 30” chest width, 26.4” waist width, 20” knee width. Colors: red, blue, or black.
•+10° (-12°C) Alpini Backcountry Sleeping Bag
o470 gram (16.5 oz) down-filled
oRegular Weight: 26 oz. (756 g); Long Weight: 31 oz. (876 g)
oMSRP: $287.00
•5° (-15°C) Alpini Sleeping Bag
o510 gram (17 oz) down-filled
oRegular Weight: 28 oz. (796 g); Long Weight: 32 Oz. (916 g)
oMSRP: $298.00
•-5° (-20°C) Alpini Alps Sleeping Bag
o620 gram (21.8 oz) down-filled
oRegular Weight: 32 oz. (906 g); Long Weight: 36 oz (1026 g)
oMSRP: $364.00
•-15° (-26°C) Alpini Alaskan Sleeping Bag
o735 gram (25.9 oz) down-filled
oRegular Weight: 36 oz. (1021 g); Long Weight: 40 oz. (1141 g)
oMSRP: $444.00

Alpini Sleeping Pad - A torso-sized pad to keep your core insulated and your pack load light.
Die-cut foam inside the inflatable pad helps keep it lightweight while also adding insulation by reducing interior airflow. The textured surface keeps the mattress in place. The Alpini Sleeping Pad is for alpinists and ski mountaineers who know that the key to keeping your load light is to trim every item to the bare essentials. Dimensions: 38.19" x 19.68" x 0.98”; MSRP: $59.95

Backcountry Sleeping Pad - A longer version of the Alpini Sleeping Pad and is designed for comfort for anybody enjoying the outdoors. The mattress has an excellent balance between weight, volume, insulation and comfort. The structural foam in the pad reduces weight while increasing comfort and insulation. The textured surface keeps the mattress in place. Dimensions: 69.29" x 20.47" x 0.98"; 
Weight: 27.8 oz; MSRP: $79.95


Alpini Full Zipper Down Jacket - Using the same lightweight and durable construction as the original Brooks-Range Alpini Mountain Anorak, this Anorak is now available with a full zipper front. This version does not include the side zippers found in the original Alpini Anorak, but does include a convenient drawstring waist. Insulation is premium 850 fill hypoallergenic goose down to ensure compressibility and comfort to approximately 15°+F. Available in black, red and blue; sizes: S–XL; MSRP: $179.00

Cirrus Jacket - A PrimaLoft One-filled pullover anorak constructed with a breathable, wind and water resistant 15 Denier ripstop Pertex™ shell that is DWR- treated for water-resistance. Two side zippers enable the wearer to regulate ventilation and body temperature. The side zips also allow access for harnesses and to other garments. Features an insulated hand warmer “kangaroo style” pocket, as well as hook and loop closures on hem and cuffs. Available with or without a hood; colors: red, blue, and black; sizes S-XL; MSRP $199.00 (with hood), $179.00 (no hood).


Brooks-Range Multi-Functional Plier - A Brooks-Range exclusive design, this extremely lightweight tool can do it all. It includes a serrated knife; six screwdriver bits including an 1/8th inch Allen Wrench, #3 Posi for bindings and T20 Torx for DynaFit bindings; a four-size wrench, bottle opener, and pliers. Made of the highest grade stainless steel and aluminum for maximum strength and feather weight, this tool is an essential for any backcountry adventurer. Weight: 6 oz.; Size: 4” (folded). MSRP: $79.95

Brooks-Range Duffel - Not your average duffel bag, it is made from a rugged laminate that is able to withstand the rigors of a backcountry adventure and airline abuse. Available in four different sizes, the small duffel is ideal for everyday trips to the gym or field, and the larger bags can hold all the gear necessary for longer expeditions. The unique U-shaped main “door” gives the bag structure, makes it even more durable and accessible. Side handles make it easy to carry and backpack straps pull out for hauling heavier loads. Inside, the user will find a fully lined interior, multiple compartments and pockets for travel organization, a mesh pocket and the hideaway padded backpack straps for hands-free carrying.


•Small - 20" x 12" x 12"; 2560 Cubic in. (42 Liters); 2 lbs 12 oz; MSRP: $92.79
•Medium - 24" x 15" x 15"; 4200 Cubic in. (70 Liters); 3 lbs 8 oz; MSRP: $117.49
•Large - 28" x 16" x 16"; 5600 Cubic in. (90 Liters); 4 lbs; MSRP: $123.45
•X Large - 32" x 19" x 19"; 9070 Cubic in. (140 Liters); 4 lbs 15 oz; MSRP: $135.00


Brooks-Range has worked closely with the two major Adventure Racing organizations, USARA and Checkpoint Tracker, to create map tools that will help adventure racers stay on track and maintain a competitive edge.

Adventure Racing UTM Reader - An essential tool for any serious adventure racer. Includes the five UTM map scales most commonly used in adventure races. Cartographers ensured compliance with USGS standards for accuracy – it is accurate within 1/50th of an inch. Measuring only 4.25" x 7", it easily fits in a pocket, and its non-glare, flexible plastic material prevents broken corners or tearing in cold and severe conditions. Essential features make it as necessary for adventure racing and orienteering as a map or compass. Made in USA. MSRP $8.00

Adventure Racing UTM Plotter Pro – Designed with cartographers from both the U.S. Adventure Racing Association (USARA) as well as the Checkpoint Tracker AR Series, this map tool includes the five UTM map scales most commonly used in adventure races. Measuring 4.25" x 4.25", it is constructed of a non-glare, flexible plastic. Highlighted with red, each corner ruler allows you to plot a UTM coordinate within a 1km map grid with at least 10m precision. Also available with a smaller Pocket Plotter. MSRP for the Plotter Pro: $10.00; MSRP for the Pocket Plotter: $2.00

About Brooks-Range
Brooks-Range is a manufacturer of mountaineering and outdoor equipment located in Fremont, Calif., providing innovative, top-quality backcountry and outdoor gear for professional guides and recreational travelers alike. Brooks-Range products -- designed to deliver the ultimate in utility, comfort and safety in the backcountry and outdoors – are tested by some of the world's top mountaineering, avalanche and backcountry professionals. These experts form the core of the Brooks-Range Advisory Board. Brooks-Range is a supporter of a variety of organizations that promote safety and education in the wilderness, including: American Mountain Guide Association, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, American Avalanche Association, Canadian Avalanche Association, and the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education. Most products are made in the USA and are sold at outdoor retail shops nationwide, and on the web at:
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