Brooks-Range Introduces New Mountaineering Equipment at ORWM '09

The Brooks-Range 2009 collection is designed to provide a wide selection of innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional mountain and ski guides, alpinists and recreational backcountry travelers and hikers.

FREMONT, CALIF. (December 2008) – Brooks-Range, a leading manufacturer of mountaineering and backcountry equipment, introduces its 2009 collection, including more color and size options for tried and true backcountry gear. Brooks-Range provides a wide selection of innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional mountain and ski guides, alpinists and recreational backcountry travelers and hikers. The 2009 collection is designed to better prepare adventurers of all skill levels for whatever conditions they may encounter in the alpine and backcountry environments.

“For the past thirteen years, Brooks-Range has delivered high-quality gear for outdoor enthusiasts,” said Matt Brooks, president of Brooks-Range. “The 2009 collection will provide a broader spectrum of options, ensuring that our customers are equipped with just the right gear for the right adventure. Based on user feedback, we have added two tarps to our collection so adventurers can travel light, carrying only what they need. We have also added more color choices for our tarps, including camo and earth-brown -- perfect for hunters, wildlife photographers, and bird watchers who want to keep a low profile in the field.”

The Brooks-Range Ultralite Tarpâ„¢ is the perfect shelter for professional mountain and ski guides, as well as the recreational backcountry travelers, hikers, and hard-core backpackers. All Brooks-Range tarps are made with an amazing lightweight fabric available only in Brooks-Range Ultralite products. This high-tech, water-resistant, rip-stop nylon fabric delivers an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. Each Ultralite Tarp is designed for maximum flexibility, with a centrally-placed weather resistant pass-thru patch for rigging to a hard anchor, along with several nylon webbing loops sewn to the corners and along the edges to facilitate multiple configurations using trekking poles, trees or tents. The tarp is available in four sizes, making it compact and light enough to take on any trip, where it can be used as a shelter, tent, ground-tarp, awning, wind shelter or gear storage shelter.
• Ultralite Solo Tarp: 5' x 8'; 7 oz.; MSRP is $75.00
• Ultralite Mini Guide Tarp: 6' 9” x 9'; 9.4 oz.; MSRP is $115.00
• Ultralite Guide Tarp: 8' x 10'; 11 oz.; MSRP is $145.00
• Ultralite Guide Tarp +: 10' x 10'; 13 oz.; MSRP is $179.00

The Brooks-Range Backcountry Shovel™ is the best-selling high-performance shovel on the market, featuring a heavy-duty D-grip handle, a 20” – 44” telescoping lightweight aluminum shaft (providing the longest reach on the market), a tempered aluminum scoop with “deadman” holes for use as an emergency anchor, as well as an optional serrated “Sharktooth” edge that makes short work of the toughest ice and hard pack. All blades are laser-engraved with a quick-reference guide to avalanche rescue, and come in a variety of colors including red, blue, red chaos, blue chaos, pink chaos and black chaos.
• Backcountry Shovel Pro: 10.5” x 10” scoop; 33.4 oz./2.09 lbs; MSRP is $ 40.00
• Backcountry Shovel Mini Pro: 9.5” x 9.75” scoop; 31.1 oz./1.94 lbs; MSRP is $40.00
• Sharktooth Shovel Pro: 10.5” x 10” scoop; 32.6 oz./2.04 lbs; MSRP is $ 50.00
• Sharktooth Shovel Mini Pro: 9.5” x 9.75” scoop; 30.4 oz./1.9 lbs; MSRP is $50.00

The Ultralite Rescue Sled™ is designed to transport a person of any size, along with his/her skis and poles. Weighing only 12 oz. and folding into a compact 6” x 11” envelope, the sled is constructed using skis and poles as sled runners. The skis are attached to the aluminum pro-stretcher bars, and the poles are crossed over the skis to create a platform. The patient is wrapped in the high-tech Ultralite rip-stop nylon fabric and secured to the sled with the included ski straps. Once assembled, the sled is designed to withstand the extreme conditions typical of a backcountry emergency. This system has been independently tested by ski guides, Search and Rescue (SAR) professionals and adventurers, and has proven to be the most dependable, sturdy platform available for emergency transport in the backcountry.
The Ultralite Rescue Sled is available in many packages.

The Brooks-Range Ski Guide Card™ Sets (“SGC's”) provide critical safety information in a compact format that is perfect for use in the backcountry. Developed and tested by professional mountain guides, avalanche and backcountry professionals, this comprehensive set contains 13 pocket-sized, water-resistant safety prompt cards containing avalanche, snow and weather observation, as well as trip planning and rescue information. They are perfect for climbers, backpackers, backcountry skiers, snowmobilers, professional mountain guides, ski patrol, SAR personnel, or anyone who travels in backcountry areas. MSRP: $38.00

The Brooks-Range All-In-One Map Tool™ is a 4” x 7” non-glare, flexible map tool that contains most scales typically used on topo maps in the United States, Alaska, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Japan. Scales include: 1:24,000 mi; 1:25,000 mi/km; 1:50,000 mi/km; 1:62,500 mi; 1:63,360 mi; 1:100,000 mi/km; 1:125,000 mi/km and 1:250,000 mi. Seven slope indexes, a compass rose, a UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) Grid, and three UTM corner readers are also included. Designed to meet USGS horizontal accuracy standards, it is accurate within 1/50th of an inch. MSRP: $18.00

The All-in-One Map Tool Proâ„¢ was developed for professional mountain and ski guides, alpinists, as well as the hard-core backcountry travelers, hikers, and backpackers. The All-in-One Map Tool Pro has all the features of the Map Tool, as well as five additional scales, making it even more accurate. MSRP: $21.00

Most backcountry travelers use the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system for planning and navigation; however, helicopter and air rescue crews use the lat/long system. The Brooks-Range Emergency All-In-One Latitude/Longitude Ruler™ is a 4” x 7” tool for providing lat/long position to air rescue teams in an emergency. Designed by team of professional mountain guides and cartographers, this ruler is lightweight and fits easily into the Brooks-Range Field Organizer or a pocket for quick reference in an emergency. MSRP: $4.95

The Brooks-Range Field Organizerâ„¢ is a compact yellow nylon, water-resistant portfolio with pockets and a hook and loop closure. Sized for standard field books and folded topo maps, the bright yellow color makes it easy to find in snow and low light conditions. It is also compact enough to fit in a shirt or coat pocket. MSRP: $19.00

The Brooks-Range Field Book #311â„¢ is perfect for those who need to take notes in the field or want to keep a journal. The paper used in this booklet allows you to write under any conditions, regardless of how wet or cold. The book has ruled pages and is 4 5/8" by 7", fitting perfectly into the Brooks-Range Field Organizer. MSRP: $3.00

SOS Signals/Heli Rescue Cardâ„¢ is a must-have reference when trouble happens. This card contains crucial information necessary to properly communicate with, and receive help from emergency teams. MSRP: $4.95

Brooks-Range also offers a variety of other accessories such as ski straps, storage bags, hand warmers, dog collars and leashes, and spare stretcher bars for the rescue sleds, tarps, and straps, all compatible for use with other Brooks-Range products.

About Brooks-Range
Brooks-Range is a mountaineering company located in Fremont, Calif., providing innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional guides and recreational travelers alike. Our products -- designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort and safety in the backcountry – are tested by some of the world's top mountaineering, avalanche and backcountry professionals. These experts form the core of the Brooks-Range Advisory Board. All products are made in the USA and are sold at outdoor retail shops nationwide, and on the web at

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