Brooks-Range Introduces Down Garments to 2010 Collection

Brooks-Range introduces a variety of lightweight, compressible, down-insulated outerwear items to its extensive collection of backcountry and mountaineering equipment.

Outdoor enthusiasts may differ on what “the” essential clothing item is, but most will agree that anything that is lightweight, warm and highly compressible is a must-have. This year Brooks-Range designers (outdoor professionals themselves) have upped the ante on down products with jackets, vests and sleeping bags that offer hardcore durability, quality and versatility.

Brooks-Range founder Matt Brooks says there is much to distinguish the new down product line from competitors. Number one on the list is the guts of the garments –800+ fill hypoallergenic Canadian goose down. The Alpini Mountain Anorak™ weighs in at just 146 grams and ensures compressibility and comfort to about 15 degrees, while the Alpini Mountain Vest™ weighs 86 grams.

“This is the highest quality down available,” Brooks explains. “Most outdoor clothing companies use lower cost down with filler. But why do people care? For the same weight Brooks-Range garments are much, much warmer.”

The items are constructed with breathable, wind and water resistant 15-denier ballistic mini-rip-stop nylon outer fabric featuring two contrasting colors. Founder Brooks says this isn't standard rip-stop, but rather “rip-stop squares within rip¬stop squares,” which results in a super strong, yet light fabric. Further setting these down products apart is the design.

“These aren't designed by people in L.A. and New York City, they are designed by mountain professionals,” explains Brooks. “Most outdoors people know that pit zips just get in the way,” he says. “Our jackets offer two side zips. If you're hot the zips can be opened to cool you off and they also allow access to other garments.”

Other tested-in-the-trenches design features include a hood that can be easily pulled over a helmet and a front kangaroo style pocket that is designed to take advantage of both body heat and the jacket's signature down insulation.

Taking the ultra-light ethos one step further, the company added the Elephant Foot Sleeping Bagâ„¢, a compact, waist high sleeping bag that can be paired with the Alpini Mountain Anorakâ„¢. Instead of carrying a big, bulky sleeping bag, stealth backcountry adventurers can have their jacket serve double-duty.

The Alpini Mountain Anorakâ„¢, $249, Alpini Mountain Anorak Hoodyâ„¢, $264, and the Alpini Mountain Vest, $164, are all available in yellow/gold, red and black. The Elephant Foot Sleeping Bagâ„¢, $249, offers comfort to 15 degrees.

About Brooks-Range
Brooks-Range is a mountaineering company located in Fremont, Calif., providing innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional guides and recreational travelers alike. Our products -- designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort and safety in the backcountry – are tested by some of the world's top mountaineering, avalanche and backcountry professionals. These experts form the core of the Brooks-Range Advisory Board. All products are made in the USA and are sold at outdoor retail shops nationwide, and on the web at
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