Bridgedale Launches New Lycra® Dry Trail Run Socks for Spring 2021

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Markham, ON (September 18, 2020) -- Bridgedale launches new Lycra® Dry Comfort Trail Run socks for Spring 2021. In partnership with the Lycra® Company, Bridgedale’s new collection of trail run socks are made with the world’s first innovative Lycra® Dry Comfort technology to meet the needs of all trail runners.

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Working closely with a team of thirty amateur enthusiast trail runners, Bridgedale’s new collection brings long-lasting fit with the comfort of dry feet.

After 18 months of rigorous testing, tweaking and redeveloping, the final collection was selected and signed off by the runners. Matt, one of the testers, with thirty plus years of trail running says “Years of poor sock performance and disappointment of many sock brands tested in every weather and bad terrain have led me to re-discover the quality, resilience and performance of Bridgedale running socks. They really are unbeatable. “

The new trail run sock collection delivers on Bridgedale’s commitment to create new and innovative socks, while ensuring they meet the performance runners have come to expect from Bridgedale. Proprietary T2 anti-shock cushioning and Shock Zones provide extra support and comfort to areas of the foot and leg. Over foot Ventilation promotes easy moisture transportation and breathability.

The new Lycra® Dry Comfort Trail Run socks will be available Spring 2021 in six Merino Sport styles in Lightweight T2, Ultralight T2 and four Coolmax® Sport styles Lightweight T2 and Ultralight T2.

About Bridgedale:

Bridgedale, is a global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks for walking, hiking, mountaineering, running and skiing. Bridgedale is governed by three principles…Fit, FusionTech and Guarantee. They have earned the trust of millions of customers and is now sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

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