Bridgedale Presents Fusion Tech For its 2018 Performance Sock Collection

Fusion Tech Debuts at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, Booth #53104-UL
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Markham, ON - December 13, 2017 

Bridgedale Fusion Sock Collection

Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd, a global market leader in the manufacture of performance socks, introduces a whole new sock technology that uses the latest machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology. Called Fusion Tech, this sock technology combines natural fibers with synthetic technical fibers ensuring that Bridgedale’s socks provide utmost comfort while offering long-lasting durability throughout many seasons.

Fusion Tech is the result of 25 years of sock design and manufacturing at the Bridgedale factory located in Ireland, where the rugged climate is perfectly suited to test socks for warmth and performance. The technology combines up to 15 different yarns in each sock to carefully balance durability, comfort and moisture-wicking performance. Depending on the sock and its end-use, Bridgedale Fusion Tech socks include a combination of Merino, Nylon, Elastane, Isowool, Endurofil and other fibers. These yarns are blended using the latest knitting technologies to provide the perfect fit and performance in different areas of the foot.

The Performance Fit offers slight compression on the cuff and leg so the sock does not slouch or restrict circulation.

The Y Heel provides a close, elastic fit around the ankle that hugs the heel and keeps the sock in place, even when there is a lot of friction within the shoe.

The Forward Flex zone above the ankle where the foot flexes forward features a gill-like knitting design that reduces bulk in the front of the foot when the foot flexes.

Shock Zones on the bottom of the foot provide varying cushioning to prevent foot fatigue over long periods of time.

The flat toe seam makes for ideal toe comfort and reduced blisters.

The Bridgedale Fall/Winter 2018 collection features the following sock categories for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts:

Explorer: Bridgedale’s Explorer socks have been tested in the coldest, most extreme places on Earth. The full cushioning provides extra warmth and impact resistance for hard-core mountain climbers and expeditioners. Available in heavyweight and midweight versions for both men and women.

Hike: Whether you are completing a multi-day thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail or just out for a leisurely stroll in the back woods, the wide range of socks available in Bridgedale’s Hike collection provide all day comfort and moisture management and a variety of different yarn combinations. Merino is used for comfort and softness, Endurofil and Coolmax are used for moisture management, Nylon is added to the outside of the sock for durability, and Lycra ensures an all day fit. Hike socks are available in heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and ultra light options for both men and women.

Trail Sport: Socks in Bridgedale’s Trail Sport collection are ideally suited for trail running and biking. When it comes to trail sports, less is more, so the Trail Sport socks offer less weight and bulk for more comfort. Fusion Tech makes these socks well ventilated and cushioned using Merino for comfort, a higher concentration of Nylon for durability, Endurofil and/or Coolmax for moisture management and Lycra for fit. Trail Sport socks are available in lightweight and ultra lightweight versions for both men and women.

Ski: Specifically designed for a variety of snow activities including cross country, downhill, backcountry and boarding, the Bridgedale Ski socks delivers comfort and insulation. Ranging from midweight+ to lightweight with varying cushioning, styles for custom-fit ski boots and cross country boots, to race boots, the Bridgedale Ski socks protect the foot and leg against the cold with a high percentage of Merino, as well as Endurofil for moisture wicking, Nylon for multi-season durability, and Lycra for fit. The Bridgedale Ski socks are available for men, women and kids.

About Bridgedale:

Bridgedale, is the global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks for walking, hiking, mountaineering, running, and skiing. Using the latest hosiery machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology, Bridgedale combines natural fibres with technical fibres ensuring their socks are comfortable, durable and perform in a variety of climates and conditions. Bridgedale socks are currently sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.


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