Bend to Baja Fuels a Biofuel Surfing/Climbing Trip

Stellar Transmedia, an action sports and adventure media company, in association with Patagonia, Inc. introduces a new title in its series of action sports travel books.
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(Boulder, Colo.) - Stellar Transmedia, an action sports and adventure media company, in association with Patagonia, Inc. introduces a new title in its series of action sports travel books. Stellar also announces the launch of a complementing multimedia website,

BEND TO BAJA: A Biofuel Powered Surfing and Climbing Road Trip (November 2006, Stellar Transmedia, $29.95) documents a surf-inspired road trip like none other along the West Coast of North America.

Jeff Johnson, joined by Patagonia Ambassadors Chris, Keith, and Dan Malloy (The Malloy Brothers) spent more than a decade chasing surf in remote corners of the globe. In 2005, these elite surfers realized they had largely neglected surf in their own backyard, along the West Coast of North America. The crew decided it was time to hit the road. They converted Keith Malloy's truck to run on bio-fuels (biodiesel and veggie oil), loaded-up their boards, and drove from Ventura, Calif. to Bend, Ore., and from Bend 3,000 miles south to the tip of Baja.

They hit well-known spots like Mavericks, but mostly chased remote breaks only found by solid exploration, and a bit of chance. Reliant on finding veggie fuel to power their truck, the crew often found themselves rummaging through restaurant back-alleys, searching for grease to power their rig.

Overall, the crew experienced a journey centered on surfing, climbing, and simple day-to-day existence. They met an array of characters, found rich, road-weathered experiences, and endured setbacks against the backdrop of a captivating ocean. BEND TO BAJA chronicles their journey and a nontraditional lifestyle centered on the search for waves.

Photos and words by Jeff Johnson, with the original artwork of Elissa Pfost and Geoff McFetridge. (Original sketches, line drawings, and water colors.)

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About the Author

JEFF JOHNSON is a photographer and writer living in Ventura, California, and
the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. His work has appeared in The Surfer's Journal, Surfer's
Path, Alpinist, Surfing, and Surfer. Johnson is a passionate surfer, climber, and world traveler.

About the Crew

THE MALLOY BROTHERS (Chris, Keith and Dan) were among the first of their generation to reject conventional contest surfing, and are credited with changing what it means to be a professional surfer. They have a wide range of accomplishments in big-wave riding, adventure travel, shortboard surfing, paddle boarding, body surfing, photography, and filmmaking. They are perhaps the most respected and well-known surfers in the world.

(And others: Gerry Lopez, Ivo Ninov, Tim Nuanes, Fletcher Chouinard, Crystal Thornburg, Brittany Griffith, Elissa Pfost, Geoff McFettridge, Dan Duane, Ben Lemke, and more.)


SCOTT HULET is a leading authority on surfing and surf culture. He is currently the editor at the highly respected surfing magazine The Surfer's Journal, and previously held a similar position at Longboard magazine. He writes, edits, surfs, and steers a family in San Clemente, California.