Backpacker Magazine Hires Key Staff: Relocates to Boulder, CO

Backpacker Magazine hires key editorial and marketing staff. The magazine relocates to Boulder, CO, gaining access to world-class trails and a strong community of outdoor companies and retailers.

Backpacker Magazine Hires Key Editorial and Marketing Staff

Magazine Relocates to Boulder, CO

(September 5, 2007), Boulder, CO-Backpacker Magazine (, recently acquired by Active Interest Media (, has hired the following key editorial and marketing staff:

Dennis Lewon is named Deputy Editor. He was formerly Senior Editor at Outside Magazine.

Evelyn Spence is named Senior Articles Editor. She was formerly Managing Editor of Skiing.

Tracy Ross is named Senior Editor. She was formerly Senior Editor of Skiing.

Julia Vandenoever is named Photo Editor. She was formerly Photo Editor of Skiing.

Todd Peters is named Eastern Sales Manager. He was formerly Director of Sponsorships for the Sundance Channel and Sales Manager at Outside Magazine.

Andrew Wiens is named Southern California Sales Manager. He formerly was the National Advertising Manager of Scuba Diving Magazine.

Candice Boyd is named Northeast Sales Manager. She was formerly a Sales Manager with AMC Outdoors.

Alison Steimke is named Marketing Manager. She was formerly the Program Manager at the Outdoor Industry Foundation.

Jonathan Dorn, Editor-in-Chief, moved with the magazine from PA. Kent Ebersole and Charina Lumley were recently named Publisher and Marketing Director respectively.

In addition, the company announces it has relocated from Emmaus, PA, to its new offices in Boulder, CO, where its staff will have access to world-class trails and testers, plus a strong community of outdoor companies and retailers.

Their corporate offices are located at 2520 55th Street, Suite 210. Boulder, CO 80301. 303-625-1600.

About Backpacker: Founded in 1973, Backpacker is an award-winning magazine with a broad mission to inspire all sorts of enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors.

Backpacker has a circulation of 340,000, is published nine times per year, and last year won a National Magazine Award for editorial excellence.

Backpacker's website,, is updated daily and features more than 30,000 hikes, a searchable and comprehensive database of outdoor gear with reviews (, a special section for female hikers, and a new map and GPS center.

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