ARC’TERYX Athlete Greg Hill Prepares for Self-Imposed March Madness


Alpine adventurer seeks to climb & ski 100,000 kilometers in one month

North Vancouver, BC - Named one of the Top 25 Fittest Guys in the World in 2011 for climbing and skiing 2 million feet on 71 mountains over 266 days of ski touring, Arc’teryx athlete Greg Hill has set his sights on a new goal for 2014 - to climb and ski 100,000 kilometers during the month of March. 

Hill, who’s 38 years old, has an insatiable appetite and passion for alpine adventuring and has set records and established many firsts descents on routes around the world and his March Madness quest, is no different. 

 “My latest challenge is an intimidating one. I love knowing my personal potential; it has been a life long goal. To always push myself to my limits and to live life to its limit,” Hill said. “Ski mountaineering has been easy to quantify how much I am doing with my life and the vertical feet climbed has always measured how much I’ve lived that day.”

To date, Hill’s climbing and skiing monthly record is 77,000 kilometers which he accomplished during the month of December 2010, so his March Madness goal will be to increase that total by almost 25%, which equates to over 10,000 vertical feet per day for 31 consecutive days. On top of the vertical increase, Hill also plans to explore and ski new terrain every day without ever repeating a route.

To celebrate Hill’s mission, Arc’teryx will be hosting a weekly contest on Twitter during the month of March to see who can guess Hill’s vertical progress each week. By using the hashtag #ghillmadness and including the vertical guess for each week, Arc’teryx will reward the winner who's guess is closest without going over his total vertical for the week.

“Life is so busy these days that I just want to get out and simplify my life. By giving myself a clearly defined goal that will test my will, my mountain skills, and my luck,” added Hill.

Armchair mountaineers can follow Hill’s progress and adventures as he looks to make yet another record attempt in the mountains at and at #ghillmadness. To learn more about Hill’s March Madness click here to watch.


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