Abbey Smith Joins Marmot’s Global Athlete Team

Abbey Smith Joins Marmot’s Global Athlete Team

Marmot Athlete, Abbey Smith high-ball bouldering in the Henry Mountains, Utah

Photo: Jason Kehl Collection

Santa Rosa (CA) – Climber, writer and adventurer, Abbey Smith is the most recent addition to Marmot's global athlete team. The petite and high-energy Smith (26) joins a unique team of talented climbers, skiers, adventurers and professional mountain guides -- dedicated mountain athletes committed to their craft and their lifestyle and who represent the soul of the Marmot brand: authentic, lighthearted and approachable. From her hometown of Boulder, Colorado – a hub for climbers world-wide – Smith has carved our her own niche of mountain athlete, taking her passion for adventure, writing and exploratory bouldering to the upper echelon of climbing, near and abroad, inspiring other climbers of her generation.

While Smith enjoys the exposure of route climbing, her focus is on high-ball bouldering these days. “I look for stand-alone boulders with distinct, proud lines – the purity and beauty of the route is what calls to me,” explains Smith, also sponsored by La Sportiva and Revolution Climbing. Some of her proudest lines include the first female ascent of the classic sandstone highball Guns & Roses (V9) in Draper's Bluff, Southern Illinois; the notorious French Tickler (V9) and Silent Sir (V9) in Hueco Tanks, Texas. “I'm also drawn to the unexplored bouldering – particularly in high alpine settings or exotic international destinations”, she adds (Smith also made the FA of Tourettes (V10) in Koh Tao, Thailand, 2007).

“I've managed to align my passions for climbing, writing and traveling – and actually make a living doing it,” Smith wrote in her first blog entry for last August, 2008. Indeed, she has made this life happen. After graduating with a BA in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Smith forged a 3.5-year career as the editor, advertising manager and ‘fashionista' for the green lifestyle publication, Elephant Journal. In 2007, she cut the ripcord and launched a successful freelance career, piecing together an unconventional but envious climber-writer-traveler lifestyle and career path.

Fortifying her freelance career, Smith has been a contributing editor for Climbing; a featured blogger for; written features for Alpinist, Rock & Ice as well as many regional newspapers and on-line publications. She has also managed PR for Sender Films (a documentary film company specializing in rock climbing and adventure entertainment) and been a proud supporter and volunteer of HERA, The Boulder Adventure Film Festival and The Access Fund -- further demonstrating her commitment to the climbing lifestyle, adventure and to the outdoor industry.

The free-spirited Smith explains, “I definitely don't work the typical 9-5 job and live a life driven by passion – sans the conventional boundaries”. This year, Smith has cracked into new professional territory, traveling to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix with Mito Media ( working as a scriptwriter and line-producer for a potential racing reality series about the Golden Era of Formula One racing told through the dynamic present of Historic Grand Prix racing (

What's next for Abbey Smith? Colorado high alpine bouldering in the summertime; Hueco Tanks next winter (Smith is a certified climbing guide at Hueco), and the remote and unexplored boulder fields on some distant shore. “Climbing is my unwavering passion and platform for all that I do” – she adds.

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