3point5.com Surpasses a Milestone of 10 Million Trainings Taken by Ret

Retail salespeople recently surpassed the 10 million “Edu-Game” mark on 3point5.com, the latest in a string of milestones notched by the fast-growing online training company.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (August 5, 2010) – Retail salespeople recently surpassed the 10 million “Edu-Game” mark on 3point5.com, the latest in a string of milestones notched by the fast-growing online training company.

The multiple-choice quizzes test salespeople on specific brand, technology and product knowledge learned from online, interactive 3point5.com training. Retail staffers earn deep discounts on products they sell, enriching salesfloor conversations and eventually boosting sales.

The 10 million mark was passed just 20 months after a 3point5.com user took the 3 millionth Edu-Game in late 2008, marking rapid growth and strong demand for 3point5.com training products.

“We started 3point5.com based on the belief that manufacturers and retailers alike needed targeted retail training, and we understood early on that the Web was the place to provide it,” said Duncan Robins, CEO of SwarmBuilder, the parent company of 3point5.com. “Back then we figured we'd attain the kind of market share that we now enjoy but we didn't know how long it would take. That we've reached 10 million Edu-Games so quickly speaks to the quality of our partnerships with manufacturers and retailers in Outdoor, Snowsports, Hunt/Fish, Team Sports, Apparel and Footwear.”

The milestone is only the most recent example of the company's rapid growth. Other significant achievements include:

•Feb. 2010 – 3point5.com surpassed 200,000 registered retail professional users
•Nov. 2009 – 3point5.com surpassed 20,000 different retail locations
•Oct. 2009 – SwarmBuilder, parent company of 3point5.com, was named the 7th fastest growing company in Utah by MountainWest Capital Network, based on growth from 2004-2008
•Nov. 2008 – 3point5.com users surpassed 3 million Edu-Games
•Oct. 2007 – 3point5.com users surpassed one million Edu-Games

The 10 million Edu-Game benchmark demonstrates the appeal of 24/7 online retail training, according to Marc Misiewicz, Key Account Sales Manager for Brooks Running and a 3point5.com client.

“Our seasonal product rollouts are really complex – they require coordination from marketing to sales reps on down to retail managers,” Misiewicz said. “Partnering with 3point5 simplified the process and sharpened our message along the way. 3point5 allows us to reach a larger audience with a more consistent message – and it allows us to do accomplish those tasks more quickly than we ever could before.”

About SwarmBuilder, Inc.: SwarmBuilder – parent company 3point5.com and ProMotive.com - identifies and connects brands with true sales influencers, including retail sales staff, VIPs and Pros. These advocates use word-of-mouth marketing to share their personal experiences and deep product knowledge, driving sales in the process. Through 3point5.com, SwarmBuilder provides customized sales training to retail salespeople, while the ProMotive.com platform delivers product seeding by offering deep discounts to an aggregated network of proven sales influencers. SwarmBuilder has connected more than 275,000 brand advocates with nearly 230 brands and tens of thousands of retail locations.